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Information @ a Glance

  • A plate is a type of dishware, being a broad, concave but mainly flat vessel on which food is served.
  • Plates are commonly made from ceramic materials such as bone china, porcelain and stoneware as well as other materials like plastic or glass; occasionally, wood or carved stone is used.
  • Disposable plates are often made from paper.

Process Technology

  • Paper is a simple material. It is essentially a mat held together by a fiberís roughness, and can be made from almost any fibrous material such as cotton, hemp, flax, wood or recycled paper.
  • Paper plates, however, refer to a polyester or vinyl plate making process that is not usually as exact as film-to-metal.
  • Paper plates are fine when the design is simple and absolute registration is not a requirement (when spot colors do not actually touch), and when the job is going to be for a run of 5,000 or less images.
  • Plastic plates, cups and cutlery could arguably be considered to be a better alternative for the environment, since they can be washed and reused, but the reality is that they are not made for reuse and most consumers do not buy them with reusability in mind.
  • Chemistry-free plates have already been widely accepted as one of the most important recent innovations to simplify platemaking in commercial printers.

Report & Market

  • A tested has been dine with the paper plates for any grease leakage problems by placing a greasy taquito (a miniature Mexican burrito) in the middle of a paper and centering the paper plate in the middle of the microwave.
  • The cost of plates can vary widely from plant to plant, from less than $0.80 per square foot to more than $2.00. The volume-weighted average price paid by the plants surveyed, adjusted for rebates, is $1.14 per square foot.
  • Plate prices can also vary dramatically by type of plate and, especially, by manufacturer.
  • Plate processors can cost from $20,000 to $40,000 or more, depending on size, vendor, and plate type.

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