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  • Mediterranean aromatic herb (Petroselinum crispum or Apium petroselinum) of the carrot family, cultivated since the days of the Romans for its foliage, used in cookery as a seasoning and garnish.
  •  Parsley is a popular culinary herb, commercially cultivated as an annual in many parts of the world for it's attractive and aromatic leaves. The essential oil of the leaves is considered superior to that from the seeds and is used in condiments or seasonings, and parsley seed oil is used in fragrances for perfumes, soaps and creams.
  • Parsley is widely cultivated throughout the United States, chiefly in Louisiana. Parsley is often eaten because of its high content of vitamin C.
  • The volatile oils contained in a sprig of parsley, myisticin in particular, are believed to help inhibit the growth of tumors in animals. It's also thought the same may be true of humans. Myisticin has shown some promise in inhibiting the growth of tumors in the lungs.
  • Parsley contains two unusual compounds that can provide some unique health benefits. The first are volatile oil compounds, such as eugenol, limonene, alpha diujene, and myisticin. The other set of compounds are the flavonoids, including the elements apjin, apigenin, crisoeriol, and luteolin.
General Characteristics
  • Catalogue
  • Parsley - Culinary Herb
  • Parsley - overview
  • Application
  • Parsley - herb profile
  • Parsley - Spice


  • Varieties
  • Cilantro - chinese parsley
  • Parsley - dark green
  • Parsley - hamburg
  • Parsley - krausa
  • Parsley - Green river
  • Parsley - Moss Curled Dark Green


  • Blenders
  • Steam Sterilization

Cultivation and Production

  • Commercial herb production
  • Parsley plantation
  • Cultivation
  • Superheated stem Drying
  • Parsley Production guide
  • Harvesting and Drying

Post Harvest Technologies

  • Commercial Storage

  • Disease management in parsley

  • Safe Handling

  • Weed Control

  • Dehydrated parsley
  • Parsley Leaf Oil
  • Physical properties of Parsley oils
  • Parsley oil
  • Novel processing technologies
  • Parsley herb products
  • Alvita - Tea bags
  • Curly - Leaved Essential Oil
  • Capsulated Form
  • Mc Cormick Parsley flakes
  • Natural Breath Freshener
  • Parsley Flakes
  • Parsley leaf  organic alcohol
  • Parsley product - Tones

Market Details

  • Advisory leaflet for traders

  • Parsley Standards and Grading

  • World market for parsley

Journal Articles

  • Effect of Vitamins and Supplements in the Growth

  • EL Salvador

  • Properties

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