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PATCHOULI Information Content On CD ROM
Pogostemon cablin

About Patchouli 

  • Patchouli, an aromatic herb is distributed in the Indo- Malaysian and Sino-Japanese regions.

  • Patchouli (also patchouly or pachouli) is a bushy herb of the mint family, with erect stems, reaching two or three feet (about 0.75 metre) in height and bearing small pale pink-white flowers.
  • The scent of patchouli is heavy and strong.


  • Patchouli grows well in warm to tropical climates.
  • Patchouli can be cultivated as pure crop and intercrop under following  two methods :
  • 1.  Standard practice using conventional method of irrigation.
  • 2.   Drip irrigation method using fertigation for providing nutrients.
  • Most soils with good drainage are suitable for cultivating patchouli. 
  • Patchouli is propagated through stem cuttings. 


  • Patchouli is also an important ingredient in East Asian incense.
  • Patchouli oil is an essential ingredient and used as a ‘base’ material in perfumery industry.
  • It is also used as a scent in products like paper towels, laundry detergents, and air fresheners.
  • Patchouli also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, a notion that probably originated in India, where it is used as an anointing oil in Tantric sexual practices.


  • Patchouli oil can also be produced through the CO2 extraction method. This is a new technique for extracting essential oils (and other constituents) from plant materials.
  • A patchouli oil from Indonesia was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by GC (FID) and GC/MS. Using different ionization techniques in mass spectrometry (EI, NCI and PCI with ammonia and deuterated ammonia as reagent gases), 41 compounds were separated, 28 of which (92.9% of the total oil) were identified.
  • Culture of cells of Pogostemon cablin Benth. on both solid and liquid media is investigated by using plant tissue culture technique.


  • Consumption of patchouli oil in the world is about 1,000 MT per annum. 
  • The patchouli oil market has seen a remarkable run-up over the past 12 months, culminating in record high prices for the oil.
  • Prices were initially driven up by a production shortfall on the Indonesian island of Medan, where the bulk of the world's patchouli leaves are grown and distilled.

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