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  • The Swagelining process uses PE pipe which has an outside diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the pipe to be lined. During the installation process, the PE pipe is pulled through a die to temporarily reduce its outside diameter. This reduction allows the PE to be easily pulled through the host pipe by a winch. When the pulling force has been disconnected, the PE pipe begins to return toward its original diameter.

  • Polyethylene pipe provides the unique light weight, joint integrity, and overall toughness of polyethylene has resulted in the above-ground installation of polyethylene pipe in various mining, oil, gas production and municipal distribution applications.

  • Polyethylene pipe is used for slurry transport in many industries such as those that work with kaolins and phosphates. The ease of installation and exceptional toughness of polyethylene pipe often make it practical for oil and gas collection.

  • In general, polyethylene pipe can be used safely at temperatures as low as -75F (-60C) and as high as 150F (65C).

  • Unlike many piping materials, polyethylene pipe will not rust, rot, pit, or corrode as a result of chemical, electrolytic, or galvanic action. The Primary chemical environments that pose potentially serious problems for polyethylene pipe are strong oxidizing agents or certain hydrocarbons.

  • Polyethylene pipe is widely used for a variety of applications including water and sewer lines, chemical transfer, food processing, irrigation, mining and dredging, geothermal power generation, telecommunications, and oil and natural gas collection and transport.

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