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  • In the development of biodegradable elastomeric polymer called poly(glycerol-sebacate) (PGS) prepared by polycondensation of glycerol and sebacic acid. To facilitate nanopatterning of the polymer by molding methodologies, we chemically modified the PGS through the incorporation of acrylate side groups to form the linear poly(glycerol-sebacate-acrylate) (PGSA).

  • To fabricate photocurable biodegradable elastomers at room temperature, a three step process was employed. In the first step, a pre-polymer from glycerol and sebacic acid was created. In a second step, functional hydroxyl groups on backbone of the PGS pre-polymer were acrylated and subsequently purified. In a third step, the PGS-acrylate (PGSA) was polymerized with UV light in the presence of a photoinitiator. This elastomer is referred to as photocured PGSA.

  • PGSA can be cured rapidly at ambient temperatures to form polymeric networks with a wide range of mechanical properties and in vitro enzymatic degradation and hydrolysis profiles.

  • The porous PGSA scaffolds can provide a logistical template for 3D growth of cells and tissue engineering. The porous scaffold prepared from a photocurable elastomer, poly(glycerolcosebacate)- acrylate (PGSA). The scaffold porosity, swelling, mass loss, toxicity and mechanical properties, suggest that porous PGSA could be used to support the growth and differentiation of encapsulated cells.

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