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  • Polyoxymethylene (POM), in the USA also commonly known under DuPont's brand name Delrin, is an engineering plastic, a polymer with the chemical formula -(-O-CH2-)n-. It is often marketed and used as a metal substitute.
  • Delrin is a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant thermoplastic with good physical and processing properties and capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees celsius. According to the material safety data sheet from DuPont, the material has a slight odor of formaldehyde.


  • MEAUS process where isotactic poly(4-methyl-1-pentene)(PMP) was utilized, the melt-flow behavior and its orientation prior to crystallization play critical roles in the formation of the morphological features and orientation of the crystallized film.
  • MEAUS utilized to make microporous membranes.
  • Preparation of POM or nanohydroxyapatite composites is done by melt processing.


  • POM is manu-factured by polymerization of formaldehyde or by copolymerization of tri-oxane and ethylene oxide, which furnishes a more thermally stable form.
  • Microscopic techniques such as TEM and HREM are most commonly used to describe the nanoscale dispersion of the clay in the polymer and are considered to be a tool that provides more adequate information on the nanostructures in comparison to X-ray diffraction methods.


  • Asahi will focus on its polyphenylene ether powder and modified PPE projects in Jurong Island,Singapore, with JV partner Mitsubishi Gas Chemical of Japan.
  • Polyacetal, an engineering plastic, is often used in electronics, automotive and other industrial applications.
  • The demand for polymers grows with the arrival of new polyacetal grades which unveil novice applications in many areas, including medicine, sanitary , automotive industry, and others. The demand for polyacetals has been growing primarily in China.


  • The growth potential of the Chinese market was cited as the primary reason that China was chosen as the location for the new manufacturing plant. The current market for polyacetal in China is estimated to be in excess of 100,000 tons per year.
  • PP fibers are known as effective material for the reduction in spalling. Newly developed polyacetal fibers (referred to as “PA”), which are more effective to resistance to spalling, are being used instead of PP fibers.

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