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  • An acrylate polymer belongs to a group of polymers which could be referred to generally as plastics. They are noted for their transparency and resistance to breakage and elasticity. Also commonly known as acrylics or polyacrylates.

  • Typical acrylate monomers used to form acrylate polymers are: acrylic acid, methyl methacrylate and acrylonitrile.

  • Polymethyl methacrylate, an acrylate polymer familiar to consumers is the clear break resistant glass or sheeting sold in hardware stores as acrylic glass or under the trade name Plexiglas.

  • Acrylic Polymers with hydrophilic groups may be prepared that convert to a soft elastic gel by absorbing water. Such a polymer has been applied to dentistry for use as an elastic lining material for dentures.

  • Recently, acrylic polymers have been developed that absorb water to form soft rubbery materials.These materials have hydroxy groups replacing methyl groups producing hydrophilic properties.

  • An acrylic polymer is generally produced by carrying out a radical polymerization reaction of a monomer component containing an acrylic acid-based monomer as a main component till reaching a high polymerization conversion.

  • Thermoforming an acrylic polymer containing sheet by heating the sheet in a mold which comprises (a) a foam which would degrade if in contact with the heated sheet and (b) a thermal barrier which is intermediate the sheet and foam to prevent the foam from degrading.

  • A process for producing acrylic polymers at a high rate which have high thermal stability, are free of defects and have a low level of unreacted monomer by polymerization of a methyl methacrylate syrup in the presence of a mixture of three peroxide initiators.

  • Acrylic polymer ACRYNAX-4326 is a permanently tacky, 100% solid acrylic polymer designed for use as a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. It can also be used as a specialty additive to improve the performance of other adhesives by enhancing tack and flexibility.

  • An acrylic polymer is used for acrylic rubber, a pressure-sensitive adhesive, an alkali-soluble adhesive, an alkali-soluble injection molding, water ink, a low profile agent,a resin improver and a scaling agent.

  • BondSeal is a 2-component acrylic polymer cementitious coating for repair and resurfacing all kind of concrete surfaces.

  • RHOPLEX MC-76 is a water dispersion of an acrylic polymer specifically designed for sprayable cementitious compositions, such as sprayable stucco-type coatings, which can be applied over a variety of surfaces.

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