Carborane-Containing Polymers

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  • Carborane containing polymers were used in liquid phase in gas chromatography, high-temperature elastomer used to formulate gaskets, O-rings and wire coatings can be fabricated like conventional silicones.

  • Properties are elastometric, very high thermal stability, outstanding flame resistance.

  • The various carboranes is to incorporate them into polymers with the objective of building into the polymers special properties such as high temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

  • New carborane containing dendrons based on a 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl) propanoic acid scaffold have been Prepared for applications in boron netron capture therapy.

  • Hybrid conjugated polymers containing carborane directly bonded in the aromatic backbone repeat structure have interesting electronic bonding structures and are potentially useful new materials in organic electronics.

  • Carborane containing polymers have shown promising results in a variety of nanotechnological applications.

  • Polymers comprising residues of borane and carborane cage compound monomers having at least one polyalkoxy silyl substituent. Such polymers can further comprise one or more reactive matrices covalently bound with the cage compound monomer residues.

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