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  • An elastomer is a cross-linked, non-crystalline polymer above its glass transition temperature.
  • Elastomers may fall into any one of four categories: diene elastomers, saturated elastomers, thermoplastics elastomers or inorganic elastomers.
  • Diene elastomers have structures based on the molecules butadiene, isoprene and/or their derivatives or copolymers.
  • Polysulfonamide (PSA) short fiber/ethylene– propylene–diene elastomer (EPDM) composites were prepared as high-performance thermal insulators.
  • Natural rubber (Polyisoprene), the first known elastomer, is a member of Diene elastomer family. So are polybutadiene, Polychloroprene and Styrene-butadiene rubber.
  • Diene elastomers can be recognized by the presence of double bonds in the main chains of the macromlecular molecules.
  • These diene rubbers contain substantial chemical unsaturation in their backbones, causing them to be rather susceptible to attack by oxygen and especially by ozone.
  • Additionally they are readily swollen by hydrocarbon fluids. The primary application of these elastomers is in automobile and truck tires.
  • James Walker has developed its Elast-O-Pure® Hygienic Clamp Gaskets, based on Elast-O-Pure® EP75 Black ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer, to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing sectors.
  • Highly developed pharmaceutical grade of ethylene - propylene - diene elastomer possesses significantly enhanced properties in comparison to other EPDM compounds.

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