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  • A polysilazane (silazane-based polymer) is a material having a polymeric chain structure based on alternating silicon and nitrogen atoms. Polysilazanes have have both linear, cyclic, and fused cyclic
    chain segments.
  • Polysilazanes are colorless to pale yellow liquids or solid materials. Conditional of manufacturing, the liquids often contain dissolved ammonia that can be detected by smell.
  • The essential feature of a polysilazane is a structural framework of backbone made up entirely of alternate silicon and nitrogen atoms, with no carbon atoms or chains of carbon atoms in the "backbone" itself.
  • Ammonia and chlorosilanes, both readily available and low-priced, are used as starting materials in the synthesis of polysilazanes. In the ammonolysis reaction, large quantities of ammonium
    chloride are produced and must be removed from the reaction mixture.
  • Polysilazanes are suitable precursors for ceramic materials. Since most ceramic materials are produced by powder processing and sintering, near net shape forming is very difficult for complex
  • Polysilazane-derived materials are a group of polymers and ceramics that can be functionalized to have a wide range of material properties such as electronic, magnetic, dielectric, and optical.
  • Polysilazane may also be converted into a black-colored, novel Silicon Carbon Nitride ceramic, which has potential use in high temperature and corrosive environment applications for MEMS.
  • Polysilazane, the crosslinked form of poly urea methyl vinyl silazane (PUMVS, Kion Corp.), is a novel hybrid organic/inorganic polymeric glass that is highly transparent in the infrared to ultraviolet Polysilazane microcomponents have potential applications in optical MEMS, and microfluidics.
  • Polysilazanes are useful among other things for the preparation of silicon nitride, Si3N4, by pyrolysis. Silicon nitride is a hard material and is useful in forming fibres for reinforcement of composite materials.
  • Micro- and macro-cellular SiCN and SiOCN foams were produced via two different routes by using a polysilazane preceramic polymer.
  • It has been recently demonstrated that preceramic polymers can be used to produce highly porous structures (foams, membranes, components with hierarchical porosity) of various compositions and morphologies

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