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  • Potassium nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula KNO3. A naturally occurring mineral source of nitrogen, KNO3 constitutes a critical oxidizing component of black powder gunpowder. In the past it was also used for several kinds of burning fuses, including slow matches. Since potassium nitrate readily  precipitates, urine was a significant source, through various malodorous means, from the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern era through the 19th century.
  • Its common names include saltpetre (from Medieval Latin sal petrae "stone salt" or possibly "Salt of Petra"), American English saltpeter, Nitrate of potash, and nitre. The name Chile saltpeter is also applied to sodium nitrate, which, though also used in explosives and fertilizers, is a very different compound. Potassium nitrate is the  oxidizing component of black powder. Before the large-scale industrial fixation of nitrogen through the Haber process, major sources of potassium nitrate were the  deposits crystallizing from cave walls and the draining of decomposing organic material.


  • Fixed temperature and pressure. The simulation is performed at a specified tem­perature and pressure. The required heat transfer to the unit is calculated. Fixed temperature and evaporation percentage. The simulation is performed at a specified temperature, and a specified percentage of the solvent is evaporated.  The required heat  transfer to the unit and the equilibrium vapor pressure of water is cal­culated.
  • I. The simulation is performed adiabatically, and specified percentage of the solvent is evaporated. The working temperature of the unit and the equilibrium vapor pressure of water are calculated. Evaporative cooling
    II. The simulation is performed adiabatically at a specified working temperature lower than the feed temperature. The percentage of solvent to be evaporated, and the  equilibrium vapor pressure of water is calculated.


  • A Space Shuttle steering rocket uses nitrogen tetroxide as its propellant. When the toxic oxidizer (nitrogen tetroxide) is transferred from storage tanks into rockets, or vice versa, the nitrogen dioxide vapor is captured in a device called a scrubber to prevent it from venting to the air.
  •  A control system was developed to convert the hazardous NOx scrubber liquor to a useful, beneficial and marketable fertilizer. The chemical process captures nitrogen tetroxide in water, in which hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the resulting nitrous acid into nitric acid. The nitric acid is neutralized with potassium hydroxide to form the product potassium nitrate. No commercial controller exists that can provide hydrogen peroxide in the concentration range of 0.5 to 5.0 percent.
  • ECEC is one of the earliest engineering companies engaged in potassium fertilizer technology development and project construction in China.  working on the research and development of potassium fertilizer, especially in the field of potassium nitrate fertilizer.


  • Potassium sulphate, potassium nitrate and potassium phosphates together meet some 7-8% of world fertilizer K2O demand. They are considered to be premium potash fertilizers in relation to the main potash fertilizer product, potassium chloride, and inevitably have attracted considerable investment interest. During the past year supply has exceeded demand, and the prices of all three products have deteriorated, eroding some but not all of the premiums and squeezing the less efficient Producers.
  • The growth of demand for specialty fertilizer has not only been stronger than the growth in the mainstream sector, but it also appears to have avoided the cycles that are associated with commodity fertilizer. This, too, makes specialty products a potentially attractive area for investments, but by definition specialties form part of a  smaller volume business, and its characteristics change as it becomes bigger.

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