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  • Potato (informally tattie, tater, spud, tato, pota, spudzie or tate) is the term which applies either to the starchy, tuberous root vegetable crop from the various subspecies of the perennial plant Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae, or nightshade, family, or to the plant itself.
  • Potato is the world's fourth important food crop after wheat, rice and maize because of its great yield potential and high nutritive value.

  • Potato plants grow high to the ground and bear yellow to silver flowers with yellow stamens.
  • In a potato tuber, about 80 % is water and the rest is dry matter.


  • Potatoes are generally grown from the eyes of another potato and not from seed.
  • Spring potato is one of major cash crop in Kangra district particularly in Nagrota Bagwan, Bhawarna and Bhedumahadev Blocks.
  • The potato is a tuber grown underground on a specialized plant part (subterranean stem) known as stolon.
  • A potato plant can also be propagated through botanical seeds, which are known as True Potato Seeds (TPS).

Cultivation & Process

  • Eliminating all root-weeds is desirable in potato cultivation.
  • The first cultivated potato species were diploid (some of them are still cultivated in South America). The development of the modern varieties was related to the spontaneous occurence of tetraploid species that were superior in yield.
  • Anthocyanins, as secondary plant substance in different agricultural crops such as potatoes and cereals have positive effects on health due to their antioxidant capacity.


  • Potato has a great market in Viet Nam. However, local supply is still unable to meet the local demand, especially after winter.

  • Potato's Annual world production currently totals 274 million tons on18 million hectares.
  • The Russian Federation ranks as the world’s largest producer of potato, followed closely by China. China and India account for an additional 22 percent.

  • In India, more than 80% of the potato crop is raised in the winter season (Rabi) under assured irrigation during short winter days from October to March.

  • Potatoes are grown in about 150 countries throughout the world and more than a billion people worldwide eat potato. About 328.87 million tonnes of potato are produced in the world over an area of about 19.13 million hectare.

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