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  • The quality of ingredients used for feed production by a poultry feed milling facility is important because what birds eat can affect flock quality and the wholesomeness of a flock's meat and eggs.

  • The poultry industry has seen a tremendous growth with the best application of nutritional technologies.  Today the feed production has been paid a good deal of attention.  However feed safety is a concern for achieving productivity.

  • The establishment of a feed mill laboratory can ensure feed quality by controlling the quality of feed ingredients and by assuring the quality of final feed.
  • At the feed mill, different feedstuffs need to be analyzed for different parameters depending on the vulnerability and the economic impact on the feed quality.
  • It has been reported that Rs. 450 Crores investments in Livestock, Feed-mills, Hatcheries and Breeder farms in 7 States.

  • Japan very recently opened its market to Indian poultry products.

  • Good cooperation exists between Fish Farming Centre(FFC) and the local feed mill for the production of pelleted feed for both Tilapia and siganids, and the use of fish oil and available ingredients, rather than exotic compounds

  • Wheat bran represents a good ingredient for fish feed and it could be available at the feed mill.

  • Kuwait's consumption of poultry meat was estimated at about 57,000 metric tons. Whole chickens accounted for about 95 percent of consumption, while chicken parts, mostly imported, made up most of the balance.

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