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  • 1,3-Propanediol, also propane-1,3-diol or trimethylene glycol, is a three-carbon diol.
  • It is a clear colorless viscous liquid that is miscible with water and ethanol.
  • 1,3-Propanediol can be formulated into a variety of industrial products including composites, adhesives, laminates, coatings, moldings, novel aliphatic polyesters, copolyesters, solvents, antifreeze and other end uses.
  • 1,3-Propanediol does not appear to pose a significant hazard via inhalation of either the vapor or a vapor/aerosol mixture.
  • Propanediol is a non-flammable, low toxicity liquid that is colorless and odourless. It is hygroscopic and is completely soluble in water.
  • The PU hot melt adhesives (PUHMAs) were prepared from 1,3-propanediol based adipate polyester polyol with different molecular weights and a MDI-based quasi-prepolymer using 1,3-PDO as chain extender.
  • Propanediol is miscible in all proportions with low molecular weight aliphatic alcohols and ketones.
  • It is slightly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and has very low miscibility with aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Propanediol demonstrates the characteristics of an alcohol and can be directly utilized into performance products such as heavy-duty coolants or heat transfer fluids.
  • Propanediol also functions as a chemical intermediate in urethane-based polymer systems, either as a chain extender or an adipate production aid.
  • Additionally, it can be formulated into coatings and unsaturated polyester resins, process solvents, and specialty application chemicals.
  • Propanedol is widely used in the production of the polymer polytrimethylene terephthalate.
  • Propanediol has not been approved for use in the manufacture or preparation of food, drugs, or cosmetics.

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