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  • Prussian blue(PB) is a very dark blue, colorfast, non-toxic pigment.
  • The generic name for Prussian Blue is iron blue.
  • It is an inorganic compound with the idealized formula Fe7(CN)18.
  • PB is insoluble, but it tends to form such small crystallites that colloids are common.
  • PB is strongly colored and tends towards black and dark purple when mixed with other oil paints.
  • Prussian blue was first produced as a blue dye.
  • Some of its commonly used names include Hamburg Blue, Paris Blue, bronze blue, celestial blue, cyanine, Haarlem blue, oriental blue, and potash blue.

Synthesis & Process

  • The venerable solid pigment Prussian Blue, FeIII 4- [FeII(CN)6]3·zH2O, is readily prepared by addition of iron(iii) ions to an aqueous ferrocyanide solution.
  • In-situ Mössbauer spectra of an Insoluble Prussian Blue-modified graphite electrode clearly show that 10% of the high spin iron underwent a quasi-reversible electrochemical redox reaction.
  • Prussian blue (PB) particles with the size of ca. 5 nm were synthesized and immobilized in a multilayer structure, as a strategy for the potential development of an amperometric transducer for oxidase-enzyme-based biosensors.


  • Prussian Blue-coated IDA electrodes are, in principle, suitable as chemiresistors for the determination of alkali ion concentrations with increasing selectivity in the series Li<Na<K<Rb<Cs.
  • Gruneberg’ described “siderocytes” as erythrocytes containillg granules which were positive for iron when subjected to the prussian blue reaction.
  • The Prussians blue reactions was founsd useful for the denisonstrahioms of irons ins the celloidinized ashs left after direct nsicroinucineratioms.
  • The pigment Prussian blue, an iron hexacyanoferrate complex compound, was used by the painters in Paris.
  • Prussian blue is effective on removing radiocesium from the body.


  • The mass transport behavior of PB films in anhydrous acetonitrile (AN) and propylene carbonate (PC) solutions has been studied using the cyclic EQCM technique and the electrochemical/electrogravimetric (EC/EG) impedance technique.
  • The nature of thin Prussian Blue films on platinum substrates can be characterized with in situ Raman spectroelectrochemical technique.
  • Voltammetric, chronopotentiometric, and spectroelectrochemical technique on the homogeneous-phase (single phase) reaction of Prussian blue (PB)/Everitt's salt (ES) system in KC1 aqueous solution were carried out as a model for understanding the homogeneous electrochemical reaction of manganese dioxide.

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