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Information @ a Glance


  • Pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consisting of maltotriose units, also known as α-1,4- ;α-1,6-glucan.
  • As an odorless white colored powder, pullulan is easily soluble in water to make clear and viscous solution.
  • Pullulan is a neutral glucan  with a chemical structure somewhat depending on carbon source, producing microorganism fermentation conditions.

Process and Technology

  • Pullulan is an extracellular bacterial polysaccharide produced from starch by Aureobasidium pullulans.
  • Pullulan is an extremely versatile ingredient providing a technology platform for product innovation. It is an excellent film-former, producing a film which is heat sealable with good oxygen barrier properties and which can also be printed.


  • Typical industrial uses of pullulan are as food coatings and packaging material due to its
    good film-forming properties, as an ingredient of low calorie foods and as a starch substitute.
  • It is used as an adhesive in the form of pastes with water, as a construction material (after esterification) with fibers similar in strength and elasticity to those in nylon; and as a bulking agent and stabilizer for tablets in the pharmaceutical industry

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