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  • The threat of a further rise in pulses prices is real, as the demand-supply fundamentals of the pulses market are getting tighter by the day.
  • Canada, the largest supplier of pulses to India, has an official agency known as Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which can conduct tests on basis of pre-agreed sampling and testing methods to certify the safety of consignments.
  • Total Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC-5) imports for pulses are estimated at 150,000 metric tons annually and valued at $90 million. Dried pulses account for 90 percent, or $81 million, of this amount. Canned pulses make up the other $9 million.
  • Malaysia and China provide about 65 percent - better than 11,000 tons - of the canned pulses imported annually.
  • The human consumption of grain legumes and pulses in Europe and the EU is lower than in other regions of the world.
  • Markets are offering very good prices for all pulses due to the general shortage of grain. Quality of drought affected pulses is affecting marketing.
  • Bangladesh imports pulses mainly from Australia, Canada and Turkey, and the amount of its import from India is much insignificant. So, the Indian ban on pulses export should not affect our local market usually.
  • In order to reduce the reliance on the export market, the domestic consumption of pulses will be increased through research into functionality and component utilization for food and feed products.

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