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  • Pipe is a tube or hollow cylinder for the conveyance of fluid, gas and sometimes other materials. The terms 'pipe' and 'tubing' are almost interchangeable.

  • PVC pipes have been used for more than 60 years and show that they have very long-lasting material properties.

  • PVC pipes are lighter than other materials and easy to install. Once installed, they require minimal or no maintenance and upkeep.

  • PVC pipe is such a durable material that the opportunities for large volumes of material to recycle simply do not exist. When they are available they can be recycled.

Manufacturing Process

  • PVC pipe is manufactured by extrusion in a variety of sizes and dimensions and generally sold in 10' and 20' lengths. PVC pipe is available in both solid wall or cellular core construction.

  • Cellular core construction involves the simultaneous extrusion of at least three layers of material into the pipe wall: a solid outer layer, a cellular core intermediate layer, and a solid inner layer.

  • PVC pipe is made to conform to various ASTM standards for both pressure and non-pressure applications.

  • The production process of these pipes consists of extruding, welding and cooling. There are 3 extruders in this process, which 2 of them, extrude the Polymer layers, and the third one is responsible for extruding the bonding layers (adhesive layers).

  • In this pipe, the inner and outer layers are both made out of polymer, and these 2 layers are bonded to an aluminum core, by 2 adhesive layers. The pipe is then cooled downstream and after being checked by three very accurate cameras, it will be formed as a coil and ready to be dispatched.


  • Used extensively in cold water delivery systems to or for buildings.

  • Formulated as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe for use in hot and cold water delivery systems in buildings.

  • Used in larger diameter piping applications outside buildings for water distribution and transmission, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and culverts and industrial piping systems.

  • It can be used under ground or above ground in buildings. It can also be used outdoors if the pipe contains stabilizers and UV inhibitors to shield against ultraviolet radiation and it is painted with a water-based latex paint.


  • PVC pipes and PE pipes are two major products in the world market. PVC pipes have been widely acclaimed due to their excellent cost-performance for all facets of the pipe industries.

  • The market reputation on plastics piping systems depends on a balance between the reliability of the installed systems and the total cost performance in respective field of application.

  • PVC pipes can significantly impact the size of the PVC market.

  • Currently, for every 10% shift in the PVC pipe tubing fitting market, there is a corresponding 5% shift in the entire PVC market.

  • In the global market PVC pipes and fittings constitute the largest volume application at 36% of the marketplace. Worldwide demand for these pipes is forecasted to increase more than four percent per year.

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