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  • Pyridine is a chemical compound which has the formula C5H5N.
  • Pyridine is an important heterocyclic aromatic organic compound fundamentally.
  • Pyridine is a colorless liquid with an unpleasant smell.

Manufacturing process

  • Pyridine was originally isolated industrially from crude coal tar.
  • It is currently synthesized from acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and ammonia, a process that involves the intermediacy of acrolein.
  • Pyridine is produced either by isolation from natural sources such as coal, or through chemical synthesis.
  • Synthetically produced pyridine is currently the more important source of pyridine for commercial uses.


  • Pyridine is used widely as a solvent.
  • It is used in Knoevenagel condensations as a solvent.
  • It is also a starting material in the synthesis of compounds used as an intermediate in making insecticides, herbicides, harmaceuticals, food flavorings, dyes, rubber chemicals, adhesives, paints, explosives and disinfectants.
  • Pyridine was originally used as the base in the Karl Fischer titration.
  • Pyridine can also be formed from the breakdown of many natural materials in the environment.


  • Agricultural chemicals, mainly the nonselective contact herbicide paraquat, account for most consumption of pyridine.
  • China will account for most growth in demand of pyridines for paraquat and other agricultural chemicals such as chlorpyrifos, which is derived from beta-picoline.
  • China imports methyl pyridine from abroad each year and most of the domestic consumption is satisfied by imports.

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