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  • Recycling is a physical and/or chemical process that recovers the basic material in a product for reuse as a new or different product.

  • Reusing and recycling are natural survival strategies for many people in the developing world.

  • Each material such as bins, bags and containers undergoes a different process on its route along the recycling trail.

  • Glass recycling focuses on container glass. Glass manufacturers regularly use recycled glass in the production of new containers with percentages of recycled material ranging from 7%-50%, depending on the manufacturer.

  • Metal containers can be made from recycled steel or aluminum. Recycling metal containers is environmentally friendly and easy.

  • Using recycled aluminum to make aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy compared to producing aluminum cans from ore.

  • Newspaper, white paper, mixed paper, cardboard, and telephone books can be recycled. White paper is the most valuable because of its quality and versatility. The process for creating new products from recycled paper is simple.

  • The plastics revolution, however, has permanently changed the way healthcare is delivered by providing less expensive, disposable products for a multitude of purposes and procedures.

  • Although disposables, such as single-use needles and syringes, minimize the risk of cross-contamination, plastics inadvertently also have increased healthcare costs for waste removal and environmental pollution resulting from incineration.

  • The most obvious benefit of reprocessing is the potential for cost savings.

  • Recycling demands lengthy transport, which also affects the environment. In France waste transport accounts for 20 per cent of all goods transport. It is estimated that half the cost of recycling a tonne of waste is transport-related.

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