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  • A refrigerant is a compound used in a heat cycle that undergoes a phase change from a gas to a liquid and back. The two main uses of refrigerants are refrigerators/freezers and air conditioners.
  • A good refrigerant,has to live up to a few requirements. Obviously, we want something that is nontoxi and unreactive. The refrigerant has to be stable for the lifetime of the refrigerator, ozone-safe, having a low boiling point but not too low, because when a refrigerator is running, the refrigerant is constantly being boiled from a liquid to a gas, and then being condensed back into a liquid again. If the boiling point is too low, it will be hard to condense back into a liquid.


  • The absorption cycle is a process by which refrigeration effect is produced through the use of two fluids and some quantity of heat input, rather than electrical input as in the vapor compression cycle.
  • In Cascade Refrigeration System, the refrigerants can be selected to have reasonable evaporator and condenser pressures in the two or more temperature ranges.
  • In Absorption Refrigeration System refrigerator the working fluid is pumped as a liquid the specific volume is less than that of a gas , the work input is much less, there are considerable savings in power input because a pump is used instead of a compressor, this is weighed off against the cost of extra hardware in an absorption system.


  • A “sweep charge” technique is frequently employed while servicing refrigerators. This technique flows refrigerant through the system to purge air prior to charging and hermetically resealing the system. The purge refrigerant quantity is approximately 1 to 3 times the system charge quantity. Venting purged refrigerant to the atmosphere must be avoided while using this technique.
  • This can be effectively captured as part of the procedure or, alternatively, the use of vacuum pumps to purge the system of air eliminates the need for the sweep charge technique. Implementation of vacuum evacuation techniques requires investing in vacuum pumps for the service technicians and upgrading their training. Improved equipment and skill level will provide environmental benefit.


  • Refigeration mixtures are used for space thermal management.

  • Hydrocarbons are flammable and, if due diligence is not observed, safety could easily be compromised. Only engineers who are competent to use these gases should be allowed access to them to ensure that the good name of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is maintained.

  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants possess full chemical compatibility with nearly all lubricants commonly used within refrigeration systems.


  • Absorption and adsorption cooling systems, which quite often are fuel-fired, are a practical means of providing both commercial and industrial cooling without imposing a major drain on a developing electric infrastructure and therefore a major drain on the limited developmental capital available to most developing countries.
  • Solar refrigeration is technology that should be given priority when choosing sustainable development options in developing countries .
  • Desiccant technology includes a broad spectrum of systems providing cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation in order to control the quality of the indoor environment in the industrial and commercial sectors.
  • Trigeneration has considerable benefits from an energy standpoint.

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