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  • Rhizobia are soil bacteria that fix nitrogen (diazotrophy) after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes (Fabaceae).
  • There are several different genera of rhizobia. All of them belong to the Rhizobiales, a probably-monophyletic group of proteobacteria.
  • Rhizobia bacteria are a group of soil based microorganisms (SBO's) which establish symbiotic relationships with legumes.
  • These SBO's form nodules on the roots of the legumes and provide nitrogen to the plants.
  • Conventional methods of providing nitrogen to plants include (1) adding nitrogen fertilizers to the soil, or (2) inoculating (coating) seed  with nitrogen fixing bacteria. Nitrogen fixing bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen to an inorganic form that is useable by plants.
  • The bacterium’s enzyme system supplies a constant source of reduced nitrogen to the
    host plant and the plant furnishes nutrients and energy for the activities of the bacterium. About 90% of legumes can become nodulated.

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