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Understanding World Trade in Rice
About Exporting Rice

  • Rice Introduction
  • Basmati Rice
  • Development of Rachina Basmati 
  • Export Rules & Regulations
  •  Interesting Web Sites - RICE 
  • WTO & Issues for the U.S. Rice Sector
  • Rice Facts: What we need to know
  • Export/Import Codes
  • Export Marketing 

Demands in Africa

  • Africa Rice Center
  • African Rice Initiative 
  • Production & consumption
  • Nigerian Rice Economy
  • Rice Imports in Africa  
  • West Africa has become a significant player in world rice markets
  • Warda: The African Rice Center 
  • East Africa Market Special Reports 
  • World Rice Trade 
  • Rising Demands in Africa

World Rice Market

  • UK Rice Market 
  • Medium Grain Rice 
  • Rice Knowledge Bank
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  • World Rice Trade at a glance
  • International Rice Market - a background study
  • Indonesia International Disputes - Case Study
  •  Monthly report of the world market of rice 
  • Rice & Trade Liberalization - a research Paper 
  • FAO online - Grain & Feed Division 
  • Mexicon Rice Industry 
  • Japanese Imports of Rice
  • Developing Supply and Utilization Tables For the U.S. Rice Market 
  • USA Rice Daily 
  • USA Rice Federation 
  • Rice Markets of China, Egypt, France, UAE
  • Vietnam Rice Industry
  • Cuba's Rice Economy 

Rice Importers Database

Importers of Basmati Rice:
List from Government Sources. Buyers from
Bahrain, Riyadh, Jeddha, Damam, Kuwait, US, Sultanate of Oman, Valencia, Masamgrel
Spain, Hong Kong, Cairo, U.K
Trade Leads from
Buy offers from 35 sources in UAE, Benin
Israel, Algeria, Italy, Iran
West Africa, Bangladesh,
Togo, Spain etc
Importers of Non-Basmati Rice
Saudi Arabia & Russia
How to generate sales enquiries ?
Rice Importers
Malaysia, Indonesia, Benin, Ghana, Singapore, USA, Canada, Jordan
Rice Importers
Cameroon, Singapore, Egypt,
Rice Importers
USA, Turkey, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina , Syria, Dubai, Italy, West Africa, Germany, Kenya, Canada
Rice Exporters
About 100 contact email addresses
Rice Importers
Iran, Bangladesh, US, Dubai, Egypt, France, Gambia, South Africa, Russia, UK, Brunei
UAE, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Indonesia , Nepal, Turkey , Ukraine , China,
Latest Trade Leads
Trade offers to buy from 22 sources in USA, UAE Bangladesh, Mauritius , Indonesia , Korea, Mexico etc
Import Export Database - world Impex Data base - India

Finding Buyers & Rice Information Content On CD ROM

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One can also subscribe for getting Trade Leads
from the Internet Trade Portals.

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