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  • Waxes is a general term used to refer to the mixture of long-chain apolar lipids forming a protective coating on plant leaves and fruits but also in animals.

  • China Clay also known as Kaolin has wide applications in different industries. It is aluminum based mineral and is very much useful as a filler/additive in many manufacturing industries like Rubber, Paint, Detergent, Ceramic and paper etc.

  • A retarder is a chemical agent that slows down a chemical reaction.

  • A foaming agent is a surfactant, which when present in small amounts, facilitates the formation of a foam, or enhances its colloidal stability by inhibiting the coalescence of bubbles.

  • A lubricant sometimes referred to "Lube" is a substance introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction and wear between them. A lubricant provides a protective film which allows for two touching surfaces to be separated and "smoothed," thus lessening the friction between them.


  • Akrochem DMB-50 is a monofunctional peroxide in paste form which is mainly used for the crosslinking of silicone rubbers.
    Akrochem DMB-50 peroxide is mainly used for the crosslinking of silicone rubbers.

  • Cure-Rite 18 is more efficient than other sulfenamide type accelerators. A reduction of 25% of the sulfenamide portion of an accelerator system is possible when Cure-Rite 18 is used.

  • Excellent economical semi EV systems have been produced using Cure-Rite 18. It is preferred to use a ratio of 2 Cure-Rite 18 to 1 of another sulfenamide like BBTS or CBTS while keeping the sulfur low, in the area of 0.6 phr.

  • Liquid Rubber Vezlar is a modified elastomeric asphalt emulsion specifically formulated as a spray applied protective surface coating.

  • Dicumyl peroxide is used as a crosslinking agent in the rubber and plastics industries. The use of Di-Cup stems from its ability to decompose and form free radicals, which, in turn promote cross-linking.


  • A rubber pressure moulding technique is developed to prepare Fibre reinforced plastic components (FRP) using glass fibre and epoxy resin. The technique is based on the matching die set, where the die is made of hard metal like steel and the punch from flexible rubberlike materials.

  •  Polybutadiene rubber was used to prepare rubber punch in this investigation. Burn test, coin test, scanning electron microscopy and mechanical tests like interlaminar fracture toughness, interlaminar shear test, tension test, etc. were carried out to know the fibre content, void content, presence of delamination, bonding between fibre and resin, microstructure and mechanical properties of the composite materials.


  • Asia is the largest market for rubber processing chemicals worldwide, estimated at close to 400 thousand tons in 2007 as stated by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Europe is the second largest regional market followed by United States at third position. The three regions collectively account for over 80 percent of the global rubber processing chemicals market.

  • The global and regional markets are expected to register CAGRs ranging between 2% and 9%. Tires constitute the major end-use market for rubber processing chemicals accounting for about 65% of overall consumption.

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