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  • A rubber band (in some regions known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, "laggy band" or gumband) is a short length of rubber and latex formed in the shape of a loop.
  • A rubber band has three basic dimensions: Length, width, and thickness.

Manufacturing Process

  • The manufacturing process involves extruding the rubber into a long tube to provide its general shape, putting the tubes on mandrels and curing the rubber with heat, and then slicing it along the width of the tube into little bands.
  • Rubber band made of solid dry natural rubber contains the extractable protein below 20 micro-gram per gram of rubber band (mg/g) even for high rubber content rubber band.


  • The largest consumer of rubber bands in the world is the U.S. Post Office, which orders millions of pounds a year to use in sorting and delivering piles of mail.
  • The demand for rubber bands is steady, and not at all likely to fall off dramatically in the predictable future.

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