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  • Sanitaryware is the generic term used to describe items which traditionally were made from pottery.


  • Materials used to manufacture sanitaryware are vitreous china, fireclay, acrylic/ resin, stainless steel, high impact plastic.Vitreous china is the most common material used for the manufactuer of sanitaryware.
  • Production process include: Milling & Slip preparation Section, Casting Section, Green ware Section, Glazing Section, Kiln Section, Final Inspection & Packing Section.


  • Growth trend of Ceramics sanitary ware industry has been increasing every year. The industry has not only fulfilling the domestic needs but also exporting small quantities of ceramics sanitary ware goods over the last few years.
  • Demand for sanitary ware is influenced by general economic conditions as well as the
    number of new houses built and old houses renovated.
  • Germany is the largest EU importer of sanitary ware and ceramic tiles, with imports valued at 1,090 million.
  • The US was estimated to be the largest sanitaryware market by value (24.8%) in 2004. China, Japan, Germany, and Italy accounted for a further 36.2%, which means the top 5 countries total around 61 % of total sanitaryware sales. Countries in the rest of the world accounted for less than US$500 million each. 

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