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Growth and Cultivation
Rauwolfia Rauwolfia is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs in the Apocynaceae family. The approximately 85 species in the genus can mainly be found in tropical regions.
Rauvolfia serpentina - Information This plant is under cultivation in India, Sri Lanka, and Java. Experiments on cultivation are in progress in the United States. it grows luxuriantly well where the rainfall is 2500 mm or more. The areas having more equable climatic variations seem to be more suited than the areas having higher climatic variations
Herbal Monograph It is an evergreen, perennial, glabrous and errect undershrub grows up to a height of 60 cm. Roots are tuberous with pale brown cork. Leaves are in whorls of three, elliptic to lanceolate or obovate, bright green above, pale green below, tip acute or acuminate, base tapering and slender.s
Indian Snakeroot Rauwolfia also enjoys a traditional reputation as a fever-reducing agent and as an emmenagogue (an agent that brings on menstruation), and folk healers have also employed it as an antidote for the bites of poisonous snakes. The powdered root was used to treat diarrhea and dysentery, and an extract of the root was prescribed to calm irritable babies.
Habit and Distribution The plants grow under shade of forest trees. It prefers a tropical to subtropical climate where there is monsoon. It prefers to grow in clay or clayey loam soil with a high percentage of humus. Sarpgandha can be propagated by seeds and also by vegetative means like root cuttings root stumps, stem cuttings. Fruits mature from June to October.
Rauvolfia serpentina Benth.ex Kurz.

Rauvolfia can be propagated by seed and also by vegetative means like root cutting, root stumps, and stem cutting. Seed propagation is best method for commercial plantation. A healthy mother stock should be raised before hand for collection of seeds. 

Cultivation Soil and climate, nursery raising and planting, by root cutting, by stem cuttings, by root stumps, by seed, manures, fertilizers and pesticides, irrigation, weeding, harvesting/post harvesting, yield.
Plantation & Nursing techniques Medicinal Properties, Soil & Climate, Plantation & Nursing techniques, Irrigation, Manure/Fertilizer, Weeding, Harvesting, Post harvesting, Inter cropping, Pests & disease control, Crop growth and Maturity, Root extraction.
Nursery Raising & Planting The crop can be propagated by seed, stem cutting and root cuttings. Seed propagation is the best method for raising commercial plantation.The plant requires slightly acidic to neutral soils for good growth with medium to deep well drained fertile soils.
Cultivation Notes Cultivation, output from sarpgandha, parts of plant used, uses.
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions about Sarpgandha.
Company Profiles
Mother Herbs (P) Ltd. & Agro Products  Mother herbs is an integrated conglomerate of farmers engaged in cultivation, doctrates in pharma and pupil with decades of experience in Medicinal Herbs.
Elixir Extracts Elixir Extracts has emerged as a highly acclaimed manufacturer, exporter and dealer of Spices and Herb-based products. Operating from Kerala (India), the organization is the brainchild of a group of professionals, who include extraction technologists, pharmaceutical scientists, botanists, food technologists, financial, marketing and management experts.
Exotic Naturals Exotic Naturals is a Natural Products Research & Supply Company in India established in 1994. We serve the Healthcare and Personal care industry in over 20 countries around the world. Our ingredients (herbs, extracts, phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals) are used by more than 60 satisfied importers or manufacturers today.
Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms We, Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms, are involved in the trade of "SAFED MOOSLI". We can supply the planting material as well as we can provide diverse agricultural consulting services to the corporate and individual formers.
Victory Corporate & Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. Victory Corporate & Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading exporters of raw herbs, Indian herbal extracts, pure herbs, medicinal herbs, herbal powder, herbal concentrates, herbal oil, essential oil, aromatic oil, natural oil and herbal concentrates.
Tejaswani Herbs & Herbal Products With the deep rooted belief of our ancestors in mother nature  and ayurved ,   our firm M/s Tejaswani Herbs was founded in the year 1995.The revival of our age old traditions of ayurveda and catering to the health needs of masses through the supply of pure and quality herbs have been the major consideration for the establishment of the group.
Aayurmed Biotech (P) Ltd. AayurMed is a cultivator of certified organic herbs & spices and supplier of herbal tea's, stevia products, herbal extracts, herbal blends, herbal powders, herbal essential oil and other herbal products.
Gokul International Gokul International - was established in 1992 as one of India's leading Herbal Tea manufacturing unit. Over the years, we have been providing a range of real health drinks to our consumers made with the world's finest quality HERBS and SPICES, which helps to keep the MIND fit and BODY active.
Herbotech Pharmaceuticals Herbotech Pharmaceuticals has been established with a vision to excel in the field of herbal extracts and phytochemicals in the year 1999 occupying about 5000 square yards of area in the pollution- free lush green surroundings in the city of Amritsar, north-west of India
Phyto Concentrates Phyto Concentrates is engaged in extracting and marketing highest quality of herbal extracts and plant extracts for domestic & international customers. It meets the growing needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic ayurvedic and food industries.
SurajBala Exports Private Ltd The organisation SURAJBALA EXPORTS PVT. LTD. was formed to cater the domestic and global requirements of the market. The company formed by some of the best brains in corporate world offers wide variety of products.
State A forestation Policy Preamble, goals & objectives, strategy, Site specific management and treatment models, Species mix and site matching, Improving productivity, Promoting tree planting outside forest areas, Research, extension and technological support, Funding, Implementation, institutional support and monitoring.
Health Care Services & Herbal/Natural Products Realising the immense potential of India’s biodiversity and the growing awareness of side effects/ concerns of modern medicines, one of the areas of immense importance and having enormous opportunities is "Herbal & Natural Products" in the Health sector

Heterologous Expression of a Rauvolfia cDNA Encoding Strictosidine Glucosidase

Heterologous Expression of a Rauvolfia cDNA Encoding Strictosidine Glucosidase, a biosynthetic key to over 2000 monoterpenoid in alkaloids.
Products and Applications
Hypertension Care Can see sarpgandha product information.
Cardocare Capsules Cardocare capsules helps in strengthening the heart muscles, controlling blood pressure, maintaining the normal pulse rate and other heart diseases.
Cardiol CARDIOL-H is formulated for optimum control of hypertension, prevention of its complications and helps to bring blood pressure to normal ranges.
Serpina in Hypertension Out of 9 patients treated with SERPINA marked blood pressure reduction in the systolic and diastolic readings was noticed in 5 cases. The reduction was gradual within 6 to 12 days. The maximum decrease of systolic pressure was 60 mm Hg., and diastolic pressure was 45 mm Hg.
Rauwolfia serpentina in Dermatological Therapy In recent years the contributions of psychiatry have added a new dimension of rationality to the practice of the art of medicine. There is an increasing tendency today to treat the man instead of the disease. This concept is by no means a new one. It is the basic ideal of the indigenous Indian System of Medicine, also the ideal of the art of the old family friend-physician, unfortunately a fast disappearing type, being rapidly superseded by the Specialist.
The Value of Plants Used in Traditional Medicine for Drug Discovery

Ethnopharmacology is a highly diversified approach to drug discovery involving the observation, description, and experimental investigation of indigenous drugs and their biologic activities. It is based on botany, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and many other disciplines that contribute to the discovery of natural products with biologic activity.

Clinical Information Can see the clinical information about Rauwolfia serpentina.
Project and Consultants
Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants The present project is an attempt of WWF India to set the pace for and orient people to cultivate medicinal and aromatic plants. 3 species selected for promotion of cultivation are Rauvolfia serpentine (Sarpgandha), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) and Coleus barbatus (Patharchur) in 3 villages of Uttarkashi District, Uttaranchal.
Biodiversity - Research Divisions Biodiversity assessment of Shyamgiri P-3 area in South Panna Forest Division, Strengthening of gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants, Mass multiplication of commercially important medicinal and aromatic plants, Development of agrocultivation techniques of commercially important medicinal plant species.
Akal Naturopathy Project The Society has adopted backward integration by way of cultivation of medicinal plants by acquiring land in the high altitudes of Himachal Pradesh, Baru Sahib, Cheema Sahib and some parts in Southern India. Under the Akal Naturopathy Project, different types of herbs will be produced and processed using-ultra modern machinery and equipments to produce herbal medicines.
Industrial & NGO's Project Introduction of Sarpgandha, Botanical View of Sarpgandha, Vernacular Names of Sarpgandha, Origin of Sarpgandha, Chemical Properties of Sarpgandha, A Interesting History & Future of The Sarpgandha Plant, Uses of Sarpgandha, Toxicology of Sarpgandha, Ecological Requirements of Sarpgandha Plant, Cultivation & Economy of Sarpgandha, Seeds and Plantation Suppliers of Sarpgandha.
Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals We are a leading consultant on MEDICINAL PLANTS LIKE Tulsi, JATROPHA, Kalmegh, Kalihari, Ashwagandha, Awla and Sarpgandha etc. Based on experience of farmers, we have prepared a project report to provide complete information in form of a bankable project.
Suppliers and Buyers
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Trade Directory Can see the suppliers of Sarpgandha.
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Shivsagar Herbal Farm Shivsagar Herbal Farm is a newly emerged Farm engaged with the cultivation of Medicinal Plants in about 30 Acres of potential agricultural land with irrigation facility. We also intend to cluster nearly 150 Acres of land by forming Co operative Society of Farmers those engaged with the cultivation of Medicinal Plants.
Suppliers of Sarpgandha Can see the exporters and suppliers of Sarpagandha.
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Wholesale Supplier Can see a list of wholesale suppliers of Sarpgandha.
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Medicinal Plants in Meghalaya Medicinal Plants Resource in Meghalaya, Utilization & Management - Current Status, Need For Government Intervention, Objective, Activities and Programmes to be implemented, Financial Implication, Meghalaya State Medicinal Plants Boards.
Pricelist of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Can see the Pricelist of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants/seed/material/sample pkts.
Management of Two Critically Endangered Medicinal Plants in the Natural Forests of Central India The destruction of vast expanses of tropical forests at accelerated rate is threatening the survival of many species that they shelter. The losses are alarmingly high in the tropical forest ecosystems. This loss may result into the disappearance of valuable genetic resources, which have immense possibilities of use in the future. 
Rate list of Tissue Cultured Plants Can see the Rate list of tissue cultured plants.
Market Information On Medicinal Plants

The Indian system of Medicines has identified 1500 medicinal plants, of which 500 species are commonly used in preparation of herbal drugs. According to a forecast by World Health Organization, the global market for herbal products, which is US$100 billion at this moment, has an annual increase potential of 30%. 

Medicinal Plant Survey Tribal Group of Jharkhand, Mode of operation from forest to drug based industries, Allopathy vrs Indigenous medicine system, Cultivation vrs collection of Medicinal plant from forests, Status of Medicinal Plants in Enumeration of Hazaribag District Forest, List of Diseases and their Cure by use of Various Parts of Medicinal Plants.

H.P. Govt. Initiatives in promoting Himalayan Medicinal Plants

Topography, agroclimate and herbal biodiversity, Significance of temperate medicinal plants, demand and extraction, H.P Govt initiatives for promotion of herbs, establishment of herbal gardens, objectives of setting herbal gardens, potential medicinal plants identified for growing in high hills temperature wet herbal garden.
Botanical Derivatives in the Pharmaceutical Field Plant derived active agents, active agents from plant derived synthones, biologically active compounds from plant kingdom, standardisation, extraction of hypericum perforatum, general manufacturing process sequence, seeds and propagation material, cultivation, harvest, primary processing, packaging, storage and transport.
Operational Guidelines for Financial Assistance

India has rich diversity of medicinal plants. The supply base of 90% herbal raw drugs used in the manufacture of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani & Homoeopathy systems of medicine is largely from the wild. This wild source is speedily shrinking day-by-day. Cultivation is clearly a sustainable alternative to the present collection of medicinal plants from the wild. This can be a potential provider of returns to the farmers. 

Studies in Hypertension with Reserpin and Total alkaloids Dr. D.P. Basu, M.B., M.R.C.P. (Lond.), Ph.D. (Edin.), Honorary Senior Visiting Cardiologist,  made a comparative study of 80 cases of various types of hypertension treated with (a) Reserpin, (b) the total alkaloids of Rauwolfia serpentina (Serpina), (c) combination of Reserpin and the total alkaloids, where Reserpin dose was higher, and (d) combination of Reserpin and the total alkaloids, where the dose of the total alkaloids was higher.

A novel quaternary Analogue of Reserpine Augments Urinary Excretion

Reserpine methonitrate, a novel quaternary analogue of reserpine augments urinary excretion of VMA and 5-HIAA without affecting HVA in rats.