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  • Sawdust is composed of fine particles of wood. This material is produced from cutting with a saw, hence its name.
  • Sawdust is produced in large quantities by: Large timber factories,  Furniture factories,  Sawmills (small & medium sized)


  • A novel technique was adopted using wood waste as a new carrier for adsorption of invertase. The new method improved activity, pH and thermal stability of the immobilized invertase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and was more resistant to washing out by concentrated salt solution . This result encourages using sawdust as matrix for purification of invertase or may be for other enzymes.


  • Sawdust is consumed by:  The timber industry itself (heating and timber drying),  Particleboard industry (one large manufacturer),  Central heating (Joint Implementation Programs).
  • Traditionally the particle board industry used most of the sawdust but significant amounts also used to go to land-fills, be combusted as fuel or used in the pulp- and paper industry.


  • Shavings and sawdust may be reground into wood flours, or the wood flour may be recovered as sized “dust” materials that have been screened and separated. Wood flour has major industrial markets in industrial fillers, binders, and extenders in industrial products like epoxy resins, fertilizers, adhesives, absorbent materials, felt roofing, inert explosive components, ceramics, floor tiles, cleaning products, wood fillers, caulks and putties, soil extenders, and a vast array of plastics. 
  • It has a variety of practical uses, including serving as a mulch, or as an alternative to clay cat litter, or as a fuel, or for the manufacture of particleboard. It has also been used in artistic displays and as scatter. It is also sometimes used in bars in order to soak up spills, allowing the spill to be easily swept out the door.

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