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  • Scoria is a textural term for macrovesicular volcanic rock.
  • It is commonly, but not exclusively, basaltic or andesitic in composition.
  • Scoria is light as a result of numerous macroscopic ellipsoidal vesicles, but most scoria has a specific gravity greater than 1, and sinks in water.
  •  Scoria is the common product of strombolian eruptions or lava fountains.


  • Is a type of igneous rock formed under pressure during the formation of volcanic cones.
  •  It is therefore extremely hard and durable yet very porous, so it drains water from surface soils extremely well.
  • Scoria formed as lava exploded out of a volcano.
  •  Gas bubbles formed inside the lava, and were trapped as the lava cooled and hardened into rock.


  • They can be used to reduce the finished weight of any concrete or masonry product by up to 30%.
  • They are ideal for specialty applications in the filter and refractory areas where our sand's light weight, excellent insulating and fire refractory properties give the product unique benefits.
  • Crushed and screened to specific sizes, the open structure and excellent drainage properties of volcanic scoria creates a truly versatile product for both landscaping purposes and as a bedding material for under soil drainage applications.

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