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  •  Selling to hospitals is the complex side of medical sales.
  • The principles of selling to hospitals are advanced compared with simple one to one sales calls.
  • Selling to Hospitals grows ever more challenging as new drugs and technologies compete with existing methods and treatments to extend the boundaries of healthcare in terms of diagnosis, treatment delivery and on-going care.
  • Sales managers, account managers, representatives and any other specialists tasked with the management of hospital sales involving multiple influencers/decisionmakers, strong competitive activity and a perceived risk for the buyers of making a wrong decision.
  • Departments that lend, sell, or donate hospital-owned medical equipment shall be responsible for inspecting the device as well as completing the necessary documentation before the device leaves the facility.
  • Tenders are invited for the supply of plant equipment Longford / Westmeath General Hospital, Mullingar & General Hospital, Tullamore.
  • Theoretical literature hypothesizes that nonprofit hospitals are less efficient than for-profits, empirical cost comparisons have been confounded by difficult to measure controls like quality.
  • It has been examined whether private nonprofit and government hospitals are less efficient than for-profit hospitals.
  • Examining hospital sales prices allows us to address another worrisome policy question. Recently, a large number of nonprofit hospitals have “converted” to for-profit, either by management buy-out or by sale to a for-profit chain.
  • FDA cleared a companies request to market a small low-temperature hospital sterilizer for use incleaning flat stainless steel surgical instruments.
  • The Food and Drug Administration plays an enormously important role in safeguarding public health and ensuring that medical devices marketed to hospitals are both safe and effective for their intended use.
  • Medicines and Medical Devices includes “clinic” in the definition of a “health facility.”

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