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  • The spinel ferrite are iso structural with the naturally occurring spinel MgAl2O4 and conforms to general formula AB2O4.
  • Cubic ferrites act as soft magnets with low coersive force.
  • Ferrites are a class of chemical compounds with the formula AB2O4, where A and B represent various metal cations, usually including iron.


  • This is the most critical step in processing soft ferrites.
  • The organics used in the pressing step must be completely removed.
  • Parts must then be heated at the proper rate to the final sintering temperature to achieve optimal grain structure.


  • MnZn ferrites are ceramics with special magnetic properties which are widely used as core materials for inductive components in electronics.
  • The versatility of ferrites in its range of magnetic properties and forming techniques gives engineers magnetic solution complex problems.


  • Mn-Zn ferrites are widely used for magnetic applications due to their high permeability and high magnetization.
  • Ferrite materials are used in numerous non-standard applications.
  • This is useful in telecommunication, power conversion, interference suppression.

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