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  • Solar energy is energy from the Sun in the form of radiated heat and light. It drives the climate and weather and supports life on Earth. Solar energy technologies make controlled use of this energy resource.

  • In building design, daylighting techniques use sunlight to provide interior lighting and to warm the air instead of using electric lighting and powered heating.

  • Solar Energy is the solar radiation that reaches the earth.

  • Solar Energy can be converted directly or indirectly into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity.

  • Solar Energy is used for heating water for domestic use, space heating of buildings, drying agricultural products, and generating electrical energy.

  • Photovoltaic Energy is the conversion of sunlight into electricity through a photovoltaic(PVs) cell, commonly called a Solar Cell.

  • Solar water heaters heat swimming pools and provide domestic hot water. In agriculture, greenhouses grow specialty crops and photovoltaic-powered pumps bring water to grazing animals.

  • Evaporation ponds find applications in the commercial and industrial sectors where they are used to harvest salt and clean waste streams of contaminants.

  • Solar distillation and disinfection techniques produce potable water for millions of people worldwide.

  • Family-scale solar cookers and larger solar kitchens concentrate sunlight for cooking, drying and pasteurization.

  • More sophisticated concentrating technologies magnify the rays of the Sun for high temperature material testing, metal smelting and industrial chemical production. A range of prototype solar vehicles provide ground, air and sea transportation

  • The parabolic trough is the most advanced of the concentrator systems. This technology is used in the largest grid connected solar-thermal power plants in the world.

  • A solar power tower or central receiver generates electricity from sunlight by focusing
    concentrated solar energy on a tower-mounted heat exchanger .

  • A solar dish/engine system utilizes concentrating solar collectors that track the sun on two axes, concentrating the energy at the focal point of the dish because it is always pointed at the sun.

  • Solar energy has the potential to become the major new domestic energy resource in the 21st century.

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