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Many Information Sources provide all kinds of data relating to aspects such as Agricultural, Cultivation, technological, packaging, storage, insect and microbial infestation, quality control, standardization & marketing, exports & imports ,Consultancy Organizations, Commercial Exploitations ,Buyers, wholesalers and so on. We shall only be too glad to provide information that are required by entrepreneurs and others.
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Ajowan or Bishop's weed Clove Mustard varieties Tarragon
Allspices or Pimento Coriander Nutmeg Thyme or wild thyme
Amchur Cumin Seed Onion Turmeric
Anardana Cumin Black Oregano or Origanum Vannila
Angelica Curry Leaf Parsley Olive Oil.
Aniseed Dill & Indian Dill Pepper Long - Bioperine Other - Varietiers
Asafoetida or Asafoetid Fennel Pepper black Paprika
Balm or Lemon Balm Fenugreek pepper white bird chillies
Basil or Sweet Basil Galangal Pepper Green tobasco chillies
Bay or Laurel Leaves Garlic Peppermint madagascar cardamom
Caper Ginger Poppy Seed cameroon cardamom
Capsicum or Chillies Horse Radish Rosemary korarima cardamom
Caraway Hyssop Saffron grains of paradise
Cardamom Varieties Juniper Sage bengal cardamom
Cassia Varieties Kokam or kokum Savory round cardamom
Celery Seed Stone Leak / Welsh Onion Shallot cambodian cardamom
Celeriac Lovage Spearmint nepal cardamom
Chervil Mace Star Anise Lesser cardamom
Chives or Cives Marjoram Sweet Flag or Calamus jangli dalchini,tejpat,tezpat
Cinnamon Mint or Japanese mint Tamarind ...........and more !

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