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  • The Star tortoise is a herbivore. The Star Tortoise  is a species of tortoise found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and Sri Lanka. This species is quite popular in the exotic pet trade.
  • Star tortoises are stunning in their beauty with the radiating "star" pattern on their carapace making them an eye-catching disply in zoos or private collections the world over.

  • Star tortoises are a sexually dimorphic species with females growing to much larger sizes than males.


  • The world’s 300 living tortoise and freshwater turtle species1 are an evolutionary success story .Turtles and tortoises have existed for nearly 300 million years, since the Triassic Era, long before many dinosaurs walked the Earth.

  • The Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee urgently needs your support to:  acquire key parcels of prime desert tortoise habitat, develop and improve land and wildlife management programs for the desert tortoise


  • Star tortoise is found in a number of habitat types - from the semi deserts in the outskirts of the Thar area in Rajasthan and Gujarat to the savannahs and the more moist deciduous forests of southern and western Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, many forests drop their leave during the dry period of the year.
  • The Star tortoise belongs to a group of tortoises that bear a distinguishing radiating pattern on their carapaces. Variations of this pattern are quite common among African and to some extent Asian tortoises, and are - despite the eye-catching appearance in unnatural surroundings - a very efficient means of camouflage.


  • Star tortoise is a medium to large size tortoise. The specimen that so far holds the size record was a female from the northern part of the species' distribution area, which weighed 7 kilograms and measured 380 mm, but most specimens are considerably smaller.
  • The species ranges over large parts of India, in South-eastern Pakistan and in Sri Lanka. At least three geographically separated variants can be perceived, and there is a distinct possibility that the species will be divided into several subspecies, or maybe even seperate species in the future. Star tortoises from the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent  are very large and have a relatively dark ground colour.


  • The Indian Star Tortoise  is highly prized in the pet trade and afforded legal protection in its range countries of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the Indian Star Tortoise remains the target of international wildlife trade.

  • The Indian Star Tortoise is restricted to the dry regions of south-eastern and southern India, north-western India, northern and eastern Sri Lanka and extreme eastern Pakistan in Sind

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