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  • Starch is made from Corn, Potato, Tapioca (Cassava), wheat & Rice.

  • Modified Starch :Starch which has been treated physically or chemically to modify one or more of its key physical or chemical properties.

  • Modifications of Starch are carried out to change one or more of following characteristics. Pasting Temperature, Solids viscosity relationship, Gelatinisation and Cooking characteristics, Resistance of pastes to breakdown in viscosity by acids, Heat and\or mechanical shear, Retrogradation tendencies, Ionic character, Hydrophilic character.


  • In food industries, starch is used to impart “functional” properties to processed foods such as thickening, binding, filling, and taste. Starch is used in canned soups, instant desserts, ice creams, processed meats, sauces, and bakery products.

  • Starch can also be converted into sugar. It is used to manufacture sweeteners and syrups and to feed enzymes for the manufacture of MSG, a popular taste enhancer.

  • Uses of starch in non-food industries are many. Major users include the textile, paper, plywood, and adhesive industries.

  • Starch is also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.


  • The quantity of starch consumed in food and non-food products in a country is closely associated with the level of economic development and income of that country. As per capita incomes rise, consumers demand a more varied set of food and manufactured products that use starch in their making. Thus, there is a close and positive relationship between income and quantity of starch demanded.

  • The industrial organization and technology of starch processing is changing rapidly in Asia. Unlike in industrialized countries where starch is processed almost entirely by large scale factories, much of Asia’s starch processing is done by small and medium-sized firms, or even at the household level.

  • For both large-scale and small-scale processors, the cost of raw material is by far the most significant cost item in starch processing.

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