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Information @ a Glance

 General Information

  • The term stone fruit can be a synonym for "drupe" or, more typically, it can mean just the fruit of the Prunus species.
  • In botany, a drupe is a type of fruit in which an outer fleshy part (exocarp, or skin; and mesocarp, or flesh) surrounds a shell (the pit or stone) of hardened endocarp with a seed inside. These fruits develop from a single carpel, and mostly from flowers with superior ovaries.

  • Many stone fruits contain sorbitol, which can exacerbate conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and fructose malabsorption.

Growing Conditions

  • Good soil moisture drainage is essential for growing healthy, productive trees.

  • Soils with standing water or ones that remain saturated for even a day or two following a heavy rain are unsuitable for fruit trees.

  • Plentiful sunlight is a key to maximizing fruit production.

  • Before ripening, stone fruit is temperature-sensitive. There are two safe ranges in which to store stone fruit before ripening: either very cold, from 32-35F (0-1.7C) or at room temperature, from 51-77F (10.6-25C).

Market and Report

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) indicates that the top producers of fresh cherries are typically Turkey, Iran, and the United States. However, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) maintains a production, supply, and distribution database for selected countries only.

  • The global fresh fruit and vegetable marketing system is increasingly focused on adding value and decreasing costs by streamlining distribution and understanding customer demands.

  • The united states is the world's largest importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables. U.S imports fruits and vegetables grew from $6.7 billion to $10.8 billion, while imports by EU countries grew slightly to about  $36 billion.

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