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  • Strontium is a chemical element with the symbol Sr and the atomic number 38.
  • An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically. The metal turns yellow when exposed to air.
  • Strontium occurs naturally in the minerals celestine and strontianite. The 90Sr isotope is present in radioactive fallout and has a half-life of 28.90 years.


  • The synthesis of fluorapatite and Sr-bearing fluorapatite, the results of which were confirmed by X-ray powder diffraction analysis.
  • Furthermore, the characterization of pure fluorapatite and strontium-apatite was done using spectroscopic methods such as FTIR, Raman and scanning electron micro imaging techniques.
  • The influence of strontium on the fluorapatite crystal structure was closely investigated by Raman and IR band shifts.
  • In addition, a novel fluorapatite synthesis procedure was also tested using a natural fluorapatite sample. Products of this synthesis were also analyzed with FTIR and crystallographic methods.


  • 89Sr is the active ingredient in Metastron, a radiopharmaceutical used for bone pain secondary to metastatic prostate cancer.
  • The strontium acts like calcium and is preferentially incorporated into bone at sites of increased osteogenesis. This localization focuses the radiation exposure on the cancerous lesion.
  • 90Sr has been used as a power source for radioisotope thermoelectric generators .
  • 90Sr is also used in cancer therapy. Its beta emission and long half-life is ideal for superficial radiotherapy.
  • Strontium is one of the constituents of AJ62 alloy, a durable magnesium alloy used in car and motorcycle engines by BMW.


  • Strontium can be taken into the body by eating food, drinking water, or breathing air. Gastrointestinal absorption from food or water is the principal source of internally deposited strontium in the general population.
  • On average, 30 to 40% of ingested strontium is absorbed into the bloodstream. The amount absorbed tends to decrease with age, and is higher in children in their first year of life.
  • Adults on fasting and low-calcium diets can also increase intestinal absorption to these levels, as the body views strontium as a replacement for calcium.
  • Strontium behaves similarly to calcium , but living organisms generally use and retain it less effectively.

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