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Production and Processing

Dry sugar Pure, crystallised saccharose of EU 1 quality. This product meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. Pharma sugar is used as a sweetener in pharmaceuticals and in the production of tablets. It cannot be used for infusion solutions.
Crop Profile for Sugar Beets

Sugar beets are grown in Washington as both a cash crop and a rotation crop. Growers are paid based on the amount of sugar extracted from the sugar beet. Sugar beet rotations might include field corn, potatoes, sweet corn, dry bulb onions, carrots, dry beans, alfalfa and wheat in different combinations. 

Sugarbeet Processing

Sugarbeet processing is the production of sugar (sucrose) from sugarbeets. Byproducts of sugarbeet processing include pulp and molasses. Most of the molasses produced is processed further to remove the remaining sucrose. The pulp and most of the remaining molasses are mixed together, dried, and sold as livestock feed.

Factory Process Sugarbeets are planted in early spring. The plants are grown in over twenty counties of Minnesota, mostly in the Red River Valley. The combination of cool nights and warm days in this part of the state provide ideal conditions for beets to produce a high amount of sugar.
From Sugar Beet to Sugar Crystal Sugar processing starts with the sugar beet harvest in September. During unloading, a sample is taken from each load delivered and is then examined to determine its sugar content and other important constituents. When they have been thoroughly washed, the sugar beet go to the factory.
Sugar Process American Crystal processes sugarbeets grown by its members in five factories. The growing area is divided into five factory districts, each containing one sugarbeet processing plant. The period during which the Company’s plants are in operation to process sugarbeets into sugar and agri-products is referred to as the “campaign.”
Processing the Sugar Juice Extraction, Cane Weighing, Preparation, Diffusion, Milling, Boiler House Recovery, Juice heating, Clarification, Sugar Boiling, Separation, Drying, Refining, Re-melting, Clarification, Carbonation, Sulphitation, Phosphatation, Ion Exchange, Recrystallisation, Drying and conditioning.
Refining Sugar Raw sugar is made in tropical countries where sugar cane can be grown profitably. It is then shipped in bulk to a refinery in the country where the sugar is required. It now has to be finally cleaned up, purified and made ready for the consumer.

Company Profiles

British Sugar At British Sugar, our entire operation revolves around one objective: exceeding the demanding and diverse needs of all our customers.
MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Limited In order to address this situation, MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Limited is registered under Bulk Drug License to manufacture Sucrose, an Excipient to pharmaceutical industries. It is available in various grades viz. IP, BP, EP, USP with special particle size as desired by the customer; in a unique stainless steel plant, the one & only in India.
Dhampure Specialty Sugars Ltd Sugarindia i.e. Dhampure Specialty Sugars Ltd is one of the largest specialty sugar manufacturers in the world committed to the manufacture & marketing of chemical free & completely pure & natural specialty sugars.
DCM Shriram Industries Ltd DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. (DSIL) is the flagship company of the DCM Shriram Industrial Group based predominantly in Northern India with a portfolio of products comprising of sugar, alcohol, fine chemicals, rayon tyrecord & textiles. 
Yash Sugars Yash Sugars, A leading supplier of Pharmaceutical grade sugar-confirming I.P./ B.P./ U.S.P. & E.P. standards, Sucrose AR / LR & Sugar Globules (Pallets) both Pareil & non pareil.
Vista Invert Sugars Ltd. We are a professionally managed organization, comprising of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Our latest venture surpasses every other method of manufacturing invert sugar syrup- a new generation sweetener. We have ushered in new concept for manufacturing Invert Sugar, based on an entirely new and modern process to make life sweeter than ever before.

Plant and Project

Sugarcane Processing Plant Alvan Blanch have developed a range of small to medium scale sugar processing plants. The process used involves an improved version of OPS (Open Pan Sulphitation), which is a process for producing fairly white sugar using relatively simple technology.
Daurala Sugar Works Daurala Sugar Works was established in the pre independence era in the year 1932 at Daurala , a small unknown village near Meerut on New Delhi - Haridwar National highway no. 58. Today , after more than seven decades it continues to command respect as one of the most efficient and modern sugar factories of the country being familiar name not only in India but the world over.
Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Group The Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Group has two sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh, one at Simbhaoli and the other at Chilwaria, with a combined crushing capacity of 11,000 TCD ; it also has a 40 KLPD distillery at Simbhaoli.
Sudzucker Sugar Processing Plant The Sudzucker AG Group is one of the largest sugar refining concerns in Europe. The plant in Offstein has facilities for sugar beet processing and sugar refining. The facility, which was built in the mid-1970s, needed an automation upgrade to the industrial power plant which supplies the facility with electrical power and process steam for the sugar refining facility.
Seed Cane Treatment plant SUGAREQUIP, based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, have 37 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing sugar processing plant and equipment for local and international clients. Our technology and committed staff are the backbone of our business, empowering us to assist and improve efficiency in cane sugar factories and refineries.
Cargill Involved in Major Middle East Sugar Project The refinery will produce refined sugar for industrial and retail use that will be sold on the Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian and Lebanese markets. Jandar is 30 km south of Homs, and the facility will be built on a 250,000 sq m site. The facility will cost in the region of $80m.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Project Characterization of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Industrial Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Raw Material Inputs and Pollutant Outputs, Management of TRI Chemicals in the Production Process, EPA Toxic Release Inventory for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Intota Expert in Sugar Processing Industry
Keith D. Burau Curriculum vitae of Keith D. Burau.
Richard G. Fiscella Curriculum vitae of Richard G. Fiscella.
John A. Juvik Curriculum vitae of John A. Juvik.
Rasmus Bro Curriculum vitae of  Rasmus Bro.
Roger A. Laine Curriculum vitae of  Roger A. Laine.
Alexander D. MacKerell Curriculum vitae of  Alexander D. MacKerell
Silvana Martini Curriculum vitae of  Silvana Martini.
Markku Antero LARMAS Curriculum vitae of  Markku Antero LARMAS.


Crystalline Sugar Alcohol Containing Uniformly Dispersed Particulate Pharmaceutical Compound United states patent of  Crystalline Sugar Alcohol Containing Uniformly Dispersed Particulate Pharmaceutical Compound.
Pharmaceutical Aerosol Containing Atleast One Sugar This invention relates to aerosol formulations of use for the administration of medicaments by inhalation.
Carboxylate Nutrients and Methods For Their Production and Use The present invention relates to soil dispersible, water dispersible granular nutrient and to methods for making and using such granular nutrients. More particularly, the present invention relates to granules having such nutrients embedded within a saccharide binder.
Formulations for Detecting Asthma Improved formulations for detecting asthma are disclosed. The formulations comprise methacholine or histamine in a dry particulate form wherein the particles are of a respirable size, preferably 2 .mu.m to 5 .mu.m.
Norbert Rillieux Patents United states patent for improvement in sugar making.


From Cane to Sugar

An exclusive Sugar Division caters to the industry’s need of water management, process engineering and speciality process chemicals; its synergistic approach provides total solutions to sugar mills and refineries enabling them to achieve significant competitive advantage. 

New technology The technology, known as a functional glycan microarray, is a glass slide onto which are printed hundreds of different glycan chains. The array offers scientists a cutting edge research tool allowing them to analyze the specificities of glycan binding proteins (GBP's), which function through their binding to such sugar chains.
NRDC Technology A wide range of new and more desirable carbohydrate-based sweeteners have emerged on the scene to keep pace with the advances in food technology. These sweeteners have wide applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The most important among them is Invert Sugar, an equimolecular mixture of glucose and fructose.
Sugar Production Technology Fibrization of Sugar Cane is one of the important activities involved in sugar production. In fact, the efficiency of the fibrizer plays a major role in controlling the efficiency of production/yield of sugar. Sugar Mills use sugarcane Fibrisers having a number of hammers for fibrization of sugar cane, which in turn facilitate better juice extraction and more sugar recovery.
Solbar Invests in Sugar Analysis Technology Soy products firm Solbar Industries is to set up a new company specialized in sugar analysis, which will market its technology for use by manufacturers of dairy products, protein-rich foods and probiotic products.
Sugar-Coated Mass Spec: Analysis Of Glycoproteins Paralleling the diet world, carbohydrates are now the rage in proteomics. Proteins modified with one or more sugar groups (glycans) represent a growing class of pharmaceuticals; they are central to cell signaling and trafficking, and have been implicated in diseases such as cancer and a variety of genetic disorders.
Sugar Used as 'Trojan Horse' to Fight Cancer While chemotherapy can be administered without difficulty, orally or intravenously, the main drawback is that healthy cells are also affected by the treatment, which leads to a number of side effects, such as hair loss, nausea and a depressed immune system.

Products and Data Sheet

ATGARD® C Data Sheet Product and company identification, hazards identification, potential health effects, composition/ information ingredients, first aid measures, fire fighting measures, accidental release measures, handling and storage, exposure controls/ personal protection, physical and chemical properties.
Red Debranched Arabinan (Sugar Beet) Data Sheet

The information and recommendations contained herein are to the best of our knowledge reliable. However, nothing herein is to be construed as a warranty or representation in respect of safety in use, suitability efficiency or otherwise, including freedom from patent infringements. 

Sucrose Information Profile Physical Properties, Exposure Limits, Hazardous Characteristics, Typical symptoms of chronic exposures, Storage Requirements.
Tereos Sucrose Products Sucrose is an essential excipient for pharmaceutical products but it is also a good way to give them a sweet taste. However, sucrose taste, which is the reference sweetening flavour, facilitates oral ingestion.
Sucrose Products Can view the product list of sucrose.
Uses of Sucrose

Sugar and other ingredients used in the food industry (e.g. starches, bulk sweeteners, thickeners, flavours etc) are used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as excipients in dosage forms. 

Market and Report

Boost for Research into Sugar-Based Pharmaceutical Intermediates US zuChem, a development-stage company that focuses on commercialising manufacturing processes for glycochemicals, has raised a considerable chunk of capital. Funds earmarked for development of new sugar-based pharmaceutical intermediates.
China Tightens Control on Saccharin Production China is once again tightening controls on saccharin output, a move thought to be designed to boost its domestic sugar industry.
Royal Cosun Announces Indicative 2006 Sugar Beet Price The new sugar reforms, which came into affect on 1 July last year, follow the general trend in European agricultural policy to decouple financial support from production. The EU also agreed last year to lower sugar production by 6m tonnes over a four-year transition period.
Danisco's Sugar Production in Line With New Regime Danisco has predicted that sugar production will be in line with EU quotas, despite the exceptionally hot and dry summer. The company said that its first beet harvest forecast indicates that sugar production should total 988,000 tonnes, suggesting that a smooth transition to the new regime might be possible.
World Sugar Production Increases But Prices Remain High, says USDA The FAO had forecast that increased production in developing countries would be offset by rising consumption in developing countries, stabilising current prices. The USDA gave estimates for world sugar production for the 2005/06 marketing year of 144.2 million tonnes, an increase of 3.3 million tonnes.
Simbhaoli Sugar Turns Around Simbhaoli Sugar Mills (SSML) has reported a net profit of Rs. 11.85 crores during 2004-05 against a loss of Rs. 4.08 crores in the previous year. The gross turnover was significantly up at Rs. 509.42 crores against Rs. 338.99 crores. Thanks to the realisation of higher unit price and concentration on production of value-added products, the company's profit before exceptional items and tax touched Rs. 46.80 crores against a loss of Rs. 6.37 crores.
Proposed EU Sugar Policy Reforms The EU sugar program has remained mostly unchanged for 40 years. Sugar farmers have A and B quotas that are protected by an intervention price if market prices fall below the intervention price. This year sugar was sold into the intervention program for the first time since 1986.
Bitter Medicine Beneath the Sugar-Coated Diplomacy There are 5,877 drug-manufacturing units in India, which include 1,333 units in bulk drug manufacturing, he informs. The drug market is fragmented into a number of therapeutic markets, such as `tranquillisers and vitamins, anti-malarials and anti-diabetics".
Alternative Sweeteners

US demand for alternative sweeteners is projected to increase 4.0 percent per year to $1.1 billion in 2010. Volume growth through the same period is projected to average 3.1 percent annually. Sucralose is expected to continue to expand its dominant position in the tabletop sweetener market, and will also grow rapidly in other food applications. 

Economic Contribution of the Sugarbeet Industry

Sugarbeet Production, Sugarbeet Production Expenditures, Sugarbeet Cooperative Expenditures, Input-output Analysis, Sugarbeet Processing and Marketing, Direct Impacts by State, Direct Impacts by Economic Sector, Tax Revenue, Total Economic Impacts.

Suppliers and Buyers

Rathna Traders Market Leaders of wholesale Trading in sugar and provisions. Employing the best standard in the business to care our customer needs.
Sugar Pharma Exporters Can view the exporters of pharmaceutical Sugar.
Sugar Pharma Trade Leads Can view the Sugar Pharma Trade Leads.
Sugar Pharma suppliers Can view the suppliers of pharmaceutical Sugar.
Suppliers of Sugar Pharma Can view the Suppliers of pharmaceutical Sugar.
Vaishali Lifecare Pvt. Ltd Vaishali Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and reputed organisation that is engaged as exporter of variety pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical drugs, tinned foods, rice, spices, tea, chic vaccine, sugar, biscuits etc. With in a short span of time, the organisation has carved a niche for itself as a leading merchant exporter of various products.
Shirin Trexim Limited Shirin Trexim Limited is a reputed manufacturing & trading company engaged in the supply of agro products like fresh meat, frozen meat, dairy, sugar, tea & coffee, rice, fruits etc. Our products are fresh, hygienic and sourced from the well established producers, who are equally dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
S M Sugar S M Sugar is one of the forerunners amongst the sugar distribution companies in India. Our in-depth understanding of the market and the developing requirements has made us stand a pedestal higher than our competitors.
Sugar Pharma Buyers List Can view the buyers of pharmaceutical Sugar.

Equipments Suppliers

Forbes Marshall For over half a century, Forbes Marshall has been building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. Forbes Marshall's goal is to provide solutions in Energy, Efficiency and process automation, using the best technology the world has to offer.
Teknikeller Makina Ltd Cube sugar making machine manufacturer.
Yılmaz Makina San.Tic. Ltd.Sti. Our Company has been established in 1979 an since its foundation has become a pioneer of a new point of view flexible management understanding an solutions focused on customer satisfaction in the sector.
Crystal Automation Crystal Automation specialises in design, engineering and manufacturing of GMP grade mechanical pneumatic material handling and ingredient processing system for Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverages and Chemical industries.
Sugar Machinery Indian Suppliers Can view the Sugar Machinery Indian Suppliers.
Shanghai Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd Shanghai Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. has made elaborate designs and products, on the basis of absorbing features and advantages of similar products both at home and combing with national GMP standard.
Ishan International Pvt. Ltd. Ishan International Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic company with a proven track record. The company is committed to promote and facilitate Trade and Foreign Direct Investment between India and other countries. Ishan is a team of highly qualified and experienced people who have noteworthy achievements in the fields of Engineering, Business Management, Marketing, Foreign Trade, Information and Communication Technology and Finance.
SECOR "SECOR" is a synonym for 'Secure' business in scientific and allied trade in the whole of India. It was established by its founder father Mr. R.L. Ahuja after gaining proficient experience for over 20 years in related fields are technical manager in various reputed firm in Delhi. Since it inception in 1976, as an infant toddler.
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Pharmaceutical Sugar Machineries Selling Leads Can view the Pharmaceutical Sugar Machineries Selling Leads.
Vaccum Ovens Suppliers Can view the list of vacuum oven suppliers.
Zeal International Zeal International is a reputed name and a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality industrial testing, scientific and laboratory equipments. With a successful business history of over thirty five years, we offer a range of products required by testing laboratories for Soil, Cement/Concrete, Aggregate, Bitumen/Asphalt, Surveying, Paint, Oil & Petroleum, Paper, Textile, Yarn, Cable & Wire, Wood, Sugar, Rubber, Scientific, Educational, Chemical & Glassware and Security at highly competitive rates.