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General Information

  • Sweetcorn is a hybridized variety of maize.

  • Sweetcorn is commonly eaten as a vegetable, rather than a grain. The cobs are picked for relatively rapid distribution before the fruits mature into hard grains.

Growth and Cultivation

  • Sweet corn is available as yellow, white, or bicolored ear types. Cultivars vary in their days to maturity; they are classified as early, mid-, and late season. Late season cultivars generally are the best quality. Many of the new cultivars are higher in sugar content and retain their sweetness longer.

  • Sweet corn thrives best in deep, naturally rich, easily worked soil. However, any well-drained soil is suitable. Sandy soils are best for early crops since sandy soils warm up faster in the spring than heavy soils.

  • Sweet corn is a warm season crop requiring a minimum soil temperature of 50°F (60-95°F is optimum) for seed germination.


  • Corn is a good source of thiamin, providing about one-quarter (24.0%) of the daily value for this nutrient in a single cup. Thiamin is an integral participant in enzymatic reactions central to energy production and is also critical for brain cell/cognitive function.

  • Sweetcorn is a good source of folate. It also helps protect against age-related macular degeneration and helps fight free radicals in the retina. It provides more starch and more calories than most vegetables. It is high in iron and potassium. It is also a good food for steadying blood sugar.


  • Global exports of canned sweet corn were nearly $353 million.
  • The top five exporting countries, accounting for 88 percent of all canned sweet corn exports were: France, the United States, Thailand, Canada, and Belgium.
  • France surpassed the United States, to become the world’s leading exporter of canned sweet corn with exports valued at $133 million. France increased its global market share from 31 percent to nearly 38 percent.

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