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  •  The smelting process comprises the carbonaceous reduction of ilmenite to produce titania slag with a TiO2 content of   86%, and iron with a carbon content of 2.5%.

  •  In the Ti slag production process, the iron oxides are reduced to metallic iron, thereby producing a TiO2-rich slag and high purity iron.

  • Titanium slag is produced in the mining, refining and smelting of mineral sands to produce titanium dioxide (TiO2) feedstocks used in the production of pigments, titanium metal, welding fluxes and other specialised products.

  • TiO2 is produced from either ilmenite, rutile or titanium slag.

  • Radioactive elements associated with heavy mineral deposits may be removed from the ilmenite concentrate before smelting or, alternatively, from the high-titanium slag after smelting.

  • High-titania slag was prepared in a pilot-scale DC furnace from ilmenite concentrates with different levels of       uranium and thorium.

  • Titanium slag that is too fine for use in the chloride process.

  • Titania slag, which comes from ilmenite, contains 85 per cent titanium dioxide.

  • The ilmenite, as mined, has a high Cr2O3 content and is not suitable for direct smelting to titania slag.

  • Granulation of titania slag has been identified as a potential viable alternative to the conventional block route.

  •  Both wet and dry granulation of titania slag has been investigated.

  • TiO2-rich slag is a suitable feed material for the chloride process if the ilmenite feed material is low in alkaline earth impurities.

  • The thermodynamics of titania rich slags, an outline of the Multi-Phase Equilibrium (MPE) package and its application to ilmenite smelting can be provided.

  • The problem of copperas can be reduced by using titania slag as the feed stock instead of ilmenite.

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