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  • Toothpaste is a paste or gel dentifrice used to clean and improve the aesthetic appearance and health of teeth.
  • In some countries, due to translation issues, it is commonly referred to as "Tooth cream."
  • In most or all developed countries, usage after each meal is encouraged.
  • Most toothpaste contains chemicals which are toxic when ingested, and is not intended to be swallowed.


  • Weighing and mixing
  • Filling the tubes
  • Packaging and shipment


  • India is still a nascent country in dental hygiene, with the majority of the population still not having access to modern dental care but relying on substances like coal ash and neem sticks.

  • Toothpaste enjoys a country wide penetration level of 50%. The penetration levels of dentifrice in the country have been on an upward trend over the last few years driven by strong improvements in toothpaste penetration.

  • Oral hygiene continues to be under aggressive competition, with sales increasing by a modest 3% in current value.

  •  Toothpaste accounted for a whopping 83% of value sales.


  • Toothpaste use can promote good oral hygiene: it can aid in the removal of dental plaque and food from the teeth, it can aid in the elimination and/or masking of halitosis, and it can deliver active ingredients such as fluoride or zylitol to prevent tooth and gums (Gingivitis) disease.

  • Striping of toothpaste is solely for the purpose of providing an alternative appearance, it provides no functional benefit to the consumer.
  • Fluoride in various forms is the most popular active ingredient in toothpaste to prevent cavities.

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