Astragalus membranaceous The major clinical use for astragalus root is as an immunomodulator to prevent viral illnesses; it is also used as an adjunctive therapy for cancer, HIV and atopic diseases.Traditionally it is used in conjunction with other herbs rather than as a single agent.
Astragalus Anisus Although Astragalus anisus is locally common and appears to have a stable population, its entire global range is contained within the upper Gunnison Basin.
Astragalus Proximus Astragalus proximus (Aztec milkvetch) is a local endemic whose global distribution is limited to the San Juan Basin in southwestern Colorado and northwestern New Mexico.
Astragalus Famed Chinese Herb Supports Immunity-Chinese astragalus root has been used to optimize immune function and as a tonic to build stamina.Asia, astragalus root is sold in dry slices up to a foot long.
Implementing Tragacanth and Collagen Tragacanth gum used in this research was obtained from the Arak central desert in Iran. Tragacanth consists of two polysaccharides of Galactronic acid connected by 1,4 coordination substituted by Xylose and Oxyxylose
Raw Hide  Gazette Gum Traganath is one of the earliest topcoat finishes for leather. It used to be sold in powder form and was mixed a little at a time with water to the consistency of cream and applied to the leather in thin coats.
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Cosmetic Products Proper choice of gums in various applications, Thickeners and Suspending Agents, Selecting the Gelling Systems for Cosmetics Non-boiling Agar and Agaroid Series
Toothpaste Toothpastes, also known as dentifrices, have chemical compounds that clean and polish the user’s teeth.The gum tragacanth may be found at a local herbal store.
Arthur Branwell Food Chemical Codex as the ‘dried gummy exudation obtained from Astragalus gummifer Labillardiere or other Asiatic species of Astragalus.Gum production is labour-intensive and is carried out in remote, hostile areas of Iran and Turkey
Gummi Traganth Gummi Traganth ist ein geruchloses, gelblich-bräunlich bis weißes Harz, das in verschiedenförmigen
Schuppen vorkommt. Nach erfolgter Vermahlung liegt hier ein feines Pulver in gelblich bis weißer
Farbe vor.
Tragacanth Mucilage Tragacanth mucilage exhibited a considerable potency for wound healing. This is probably due to an acceleration of collagenation and proliferation phases of the wound repair.
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Astragalus is generally considered safe. Side effects that have been reported include abdominal bloating, loose stools, low blood pressure, and dehydration. The herb is promoted to kill cancer cells, reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy, help the body heal burns, protect against heart disease, and fight the common cold, and overall weakness
Astragalus gummifer The gum obtained from the root and stem is demulcent, though it is not often used internally because it is not completely soluble.This gum has recently been shown to stimulate the immune system and to suppress tumours.
Companies Alok International,Shree Navkar Enterprises , P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc, Importers Service Corporation,DMH Ingredients, Colloides Naturels, Inc, Colloïdes Naturels International
Drugdigest Tragacanth is used mainly in manufacturing as a thickener or stabilizer. When combined with liquids, tragacanth absorbs water and expands, forming a thick liquid or a gel, depending on how much liquid is added. This effect helps to keep the ingredients in combination products from separating.
Gum Technology Although there are many types of gums, the most simple and wide-ranging explanation is that gums are plant flours that make foods and other products thick.Gums are used in foods and pharmaceuticals for many reasons besides being used as a thickener.
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Importers Service Corporation It has over half a century's experience as the dependable source for premium, non-genetically modified, all natural, spray-dried Gum Arabic, Gum Acacia, Gum Karaya, and Gum Tragacanth
Astragalus Plant Astragalus has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for increasing endurance and lowering blood pressure. Clinically, it has been used for gas and bloating. In addition, it has proven effective in the reduction of night sweats, allergies, fatigue, anemia, ulcers and uterine bleeding.
MSDS It is stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. High levels of dust in the air create the risk of explosion
TIC Gums TIC Gums was founded as the Tragacanth Importing Company.Began to focus exclusively on Water Soluble Gums, placing particular emphasis on food and pharmaceutical applications
TIC Gum Products Tic Persisted Ticaloid 310 s stabilizer is a blend of natural gums designed to stabilize and thicken salad dressings.It provides products with a creamy mouth feel and has been widely used as a 1 for 1 replacement for gum tragacanth.
Kimpton Whilst trading in a wide range of commodities, including Botanical Drugs, Herbs and Spices, the Kimpton Brothers slowly began to build up a reputation as particularly reliable suppliers of Honey.
Gum Farmer Market For use in water color painting. Must be a pure product. Prefer ribbon form of tragacanth gum.
Tragacanth Products Gum Tragacanth is defined as “the air-hardened gummy exudates, flowing naturally or obtained by incision from the trunk and branches of Astralgus gummifer Labillardiere and certain other species of Astragalus from Western Asia.
Properties The ability of tragacanth to swell in water to give thick, viscous dispersions or pastes has accounted for many of its uses in the pharmaceutical and food industries
The antiviral action of Astragalus is most likely due to increased immunity and interferon production. Further researches are encouraged by the students and the medical professionals
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Exudate Gums Astragalus genus shrub. First described several centuries B.C. by Theophrastus Grows in Iran, Syria, Turkey. Hand collected, as is arabic.Structure is  D-galacturonic acid, L-fucose, D-galactose,
D-xylose, L-arabinose
Gum Tragacanth-U.S The tragacanth or goat thorn bushes are native to the highlands of Asia Minor from Turkey to Afghanistan. Our germplasm was collected in Iran on limey soils between 1200 and 3000 m. elevations
Red Chilli sauce The product shall be packed in clean glass containers. The containers shall be sealed.The following thickeners may be added, in small quantities, during manufacture Karaya gum, Starches,Tragacanth and  Xanthan gum
Locoweeds Locoweed is one of the largest genera of flowering plants with approximately 2,000 different species in the northern hemisphere. According to Rupert Barneby (1964), there are 552 species and varieties in North America, with 92 species in California
Making Pastels Tragacanth is best suited for pastel-making, because it has a very high pigment binding strength, while not sticking to itself. This means that if you have gum Tragacanth on your fingers, they won't stick together
Safety Information Safety is not established. Other varieties of astragalus are known to be toxic to livestock, so only use Astragalus membranaceus
Complete Formulary The best Bandoline Powder is prepared from Quince Seeds, although it is not so light colored, and does not yield so much liquid as that prepared from Tragacanth.
Mannatech The ingredients in Ambrotose Complex are arabinogalactan (larix decidua gum), gum ghatti, gum
tragacanth and, notably, Manapol aloe vera gel extract.
Cosmetics and Toiletries Gums include  Karaya or Indian Tragacanth or Sterculia villosa, Tragacanth from Astragalus gummifer, and Gum Arabic from Acacia senegal
Tragacanthae Pulvis Complies with the requirements for Identification, Solubility In water, Starch, Acid-insoluble ash, Ash, and Storage stated under Tragacanth.Tragacanth is the dried gummy exudation obtained by incision from Astragalus gummifer Labill. and some other species of Astragalus.Mix the Tragacanth with the Alcohol (90 per cent) in a dry bottle, add, as quickly as possible, sufficient Chloroform Water to produce 1000 ml., and shake vigorously
Fragrance- Home Add tragacanth powder and mix into a smooth paste, adding more water if needed. Continue to add dried herbs/spices, water and tragacanth powder as required to make the amount of dough desired.
Tragacantha Tragacanth is the gummy exudation from the stems of several species of Astragalus, belonging to the subgenus Tragacantha. The plants of this group are low perennial shrubs, remarkable for their leaves having a strong, persistent, spiny petiole.
Chemical Compounds water-soluble plant gums are commonly used as thickening agents and emulsifiers, such as guar gum and gum tragacanth.Gum tragacanth is considered one of the world's best natural plant gums. It comes from the sap of several species of spiny, shrubby, Middle Eastern locoweeds of the genus Astragalus, including A. gummifer.
Pastoralists-Iran Collectors of gum tragacanth, for example, could buy permits from the ministry enabling them to exploit certain territories if they also obtained the approval of the resident pastoralists.
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Grinder Machine-Bonakdarou Buy a grinder machine for Gum Tragacanth
Cold Liver Oil Cod Liver Oil has the Omega-3 class fatty acids EPA and DHA. Ingredients are Tragacanth (Astragalus Gummifier) Gum Resin, Apple Pectin, LIquid Antioxidant Blend, Beta Carotene
Gums and Resins Gum tragacanth – from Astragalus gummifer and other Astragalus spp. also of the Fabaceae, or legume family,once roots and stems are cut, gum is exuded as ribbons that are then collected daily until the exudation ceases and also used historically in time of food storages.
Gluten-Free Ingredients A powder milled from the dried cell coat of a microorganism called Xanthomonas campestris grown under laboratory conditions It works as an excellent substitute for the gluten in yeast breads made from flours other than wheat.
Edible Plants A. gummifer Labill in Syria. This is another species supplying a source of tragacanth.Calligonum pallasia L'Herit. Polygonaceae.Caspian region, Russia and Siberia. The roots when pounded are said
to furnish a mucilaginous, edible substance resembling gum tragacanth.
Icing Sensations Orchard also supply Vegetable Shortening and Gum Tragacanth in a variety of sizes.Knead sifted pure icing sugar or gum tragacanth into icing.
Design and Evaluation l hydrochloride 1-layer matrix tablets containing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, tragacanth, and acacia either
alone or mixed were prepared by direct compression technique.
Natural Ingredients-U.S The BTFP helps enterprises in developing countries (for example small, medium, and community-based
enterprises) with export promotion. To achieve this, it joins several partners in developing and developed
Food Additives Demand for food additives in the US is projected to increase 4.8 percent per year to $5.1 billion in 2008.The snack food market for food additives is also expected to register above average growth.
Pulse Family Gum tragacanth spontaneously dried gummy exudation from Astragalus gummifer Labillardiere, or from other Asiatic species of Astragalus.
Biodiversity Gums for food uses:arabic,tragacanth,karaya and carob gums.Consumers in the U.S. and Europe are increasingly choosing natural cosmetics and herbal medicines.
Evaluation-Stem Bark Oral suspensions containing 25 mg/ml of the methanol and aqueous extracts were prepared in 1% w/v gum tragacanth.
Plant Systems Locoweeds are members of two genera, but only a few species in each genus cause
locoism. A number of other species are the source of gum tragacanth, which is useful in
the textile and paper industries
Gelatine-Safety Aspects Orchard also supply Vegetable Shortening and Gum Tragacanth in a variety of sizes.
Labelling This Standard sets out specific requirements for the labelling and naming of ingredients and
compound ingredients.
Powder-Turkey Gum Tragacanth (Powder) from Turkey. Obtained from a spiny schrub native to the desert regions of the Middle East and the mountains of Asia.
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Paper on Furniture The technique was originally based on a ground of gum tragacanth paste or starch paste. For additional
decoration, watercolors with an addition of ox gall were used. The expense of tragacanth encouraged the transition to starch pastes as the binding medium.
Astragalus Oleifolius Production of the economically important gum, tragacanth. Astragalus species are rich in cycloartane-type triterpene glycosides that possess diverse biological activities.
Salad Dressing This research is to study the substitution of soy bean salad oil by glycerine, sugar by equal (low calories sweetener which has aspartame as part of structure) and wheat flour by gum tragacanth and modified tapioca starch in standard salad dressing
Exudate Gums Tragacanth gum is the dried exudate produced by tapping the tap root and branches of certain shrubby species of Astragalus, particularly those which occur wild in Iran and Turkey. The gum is exported from the country of origin in ribbon or flake form, and has a rather horny texture
Termez Airport-Uzbekistan Termez Airport does not consist of grasses, but of dwarf acacias reaching a height between 50 and 60 cm and, primarily, of a tragacanth species (Astragalus spec.) with heights of 70 to 80 cm, approximately. From May through September, patches of the tragacanth are cut by farmers living in the neighborhood and used for fodder or bedding.
Herbal Substance List The Herbal Substances AAN List (HSAL) contains Australian Approved Names (AANs) for
Ingredients made from plant and plant-like material.
Cosmetic Applications Costeffective Gum Tragacanth replacer provides excellent stability over time and exhibits low bacteria counts.
Brenntag North America Hydrocolloids are Carob Bean Gum,Carrageenan Gum,CMC Guar Gum,Gum Arabic,Gum Tragacanth
Locust Bean Gum,MCC Pectin and Xanthan Gum
Alginate Industry Natural gums (plant exudates) are Gum arabic,Tragacanth,Karaya
Food Starch Technology Bouillon- Lagrange first reported production of dextrin by roasting starch in the search
for an industrial substitute for gum arabic and tragacanth.