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  • Triethylamine is the chemical compound with the formula N(CH2CH3)3, commonly abbreviated Et3N.
  •  It is a commonly encountered in organic synthesis probably because it is the simplest symmetrically trisubstituted amine, i.e. a tertiary amine.
  • Triethylamine is commonly employed in organic synthesis as a base, most often in the preparation of esters and amides from acyl chlorides.
  • Such reactions lead to the production of hydrogen chloride which combines with triethylamine to form the salt triethylamine hydrochloride, commonly called triethylammonium chloride.
  • Nitrogen compounds such as triethylamine are odorants generally found in chemical plants and foundries in which cold-box cores are made.
  • Either triethylamine or diethylenetriamine can be conveniently used as a dynamic modifier to suppress the adsorption of basic proteins in capillary zone electrophoresis.

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