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  • Valeriana officinalis L. is a hardy herbaceous perennial, native to Europe and northern Asia, and is a member of the Valerianaceae family. 
  • Valerian grows in a wide range of soils but prefers a moist, rich, well-drained loam.
  • The major commercial producers are Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Russia, China, and Eastern European countries.

  • Valerian is easy to grow and can be cultivated by direct seeding, transplanting, or by dividing the roots. 
  • Valerian root is widely used as a mild sedative and for insomnia. 
  • The root can be distilled into oils and ointments, or dried and used in teas or capsules. 
  • It is the root that is used for medicinal purposes, and the rhizome and roots are usually harvested in fall of the second growing season.  
  • Dried valerian is invariably stored for some time during the postharvest chain before it is consumed or processed into a value-added product. During this storage period, changes may occur in the level of active constituents.

  • Valerian’s antispasmodic action makes it a strong muscle relaxant used in muscle cramping, uterine cramps, and intestinal colic.
  • Currently, the largest market for valerian is Europe. 
  • According to Blakley, there is a growing market for cultivated valerian root – fresh and dried. 
  •  Most of North American Valeriana officinalis that is on the market is from cultivated sources. 
  •  Demand in strong for production of certified organic material. 
  • The largest market for herbal medicines using valerian  is Europe, where phytomedicine counter sales in 1990 were $US 2.4 billion, and 65% of this total was in Germany.

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