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  • Bel also spelled  Bael,  also called  Bengal Quince  (species Aegle marmelos), fruit of the bel tree of the family Rutaceae, found wild or cultivated throughout India.
  • Aegle marmelos is a moderate-sized, slender, aromatic tree, with straight, sharp spines in the branches.
  • The seeds yield oil (34%) on dry basis); the leaves and twigs also yield an essential oil.


  • Aegle marmelos leaf extract (AMLEt) and alphatocopherol on plasma lipids, lipid peroxides and marker enzymes in rats with isoproterenol (ISO)- induced myocardial infarction.

  • Extract is derived from the unripe fruits of plant of Aegle marmelos commonly called as Bael belonging to family Rutaceae.


  • Reports from Brazil indicate that A. marmelos is as rich in ascorbic acid as the sweet orange.
  • The cultivation of medicinal plants to ensure quality, potency and chemical composition of produce.  

  • Growing worldwide demand for herbal products has led to the scarcity of medicinal plant parts due to indiscriminate and unregulated collection and habitat destruction.


  • Bael fruit used in diarrhea, dysentery and cholera due to its digestive and carminative properties.
  • Fruits, Roots and Leaves Fruits, roots and leaves are used. Ripe fruit pulp is laxative and is reported to be good for the heart and brain and in dyspepsia.
  • Roots are  to be useful in cases of seminal weakness, uropathy, swellings, intermittent fever and gastric irritability in infants.

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