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  • Wheat is a cereal grain grown and consumed worldwide. Wheat is more popular than any other cereal grain for use in baked goods
  • Wheat is an annual grass. Annual means it lives only one year, so it’s different from the grass in your lawn that grows back every spring which is called perennial.
  • The wheat plant grows 2 to 4 feet high and has long, narrow leaves that turn a beautiful golden color at harvest time.


  • Worldwide wheat is grown in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. On basis of area maximum acreage comes from India that accounts for 13% of total world acerage, followed by EU, Russia, China, USA, Australia, Canada and Kazhakastan. Total acerage is around 217 million hectare which keeps fluctuating between 210 million hectare to 230 million hectare in general.
  • World production of wheat hovers around 585 million tons. Maximum contribution comes from European Union, which comprises 25 countries followed, by China, India, and United states.

  • Australia, Canada, China, the EU, India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine, and the US account for over 80% of world wheat production. China is the world’s leading wheat producer, followed by the EU, US, and India.


  • International wheat prices have been falling for many years, reflecting the fact that world wheat supply has kept pace with demand. With the entry of India in the export market position of two traditional exporters USA and Australia has declined in the world market especially south east asian market.
  • Wheat demand worldwide is calculated to rise by 40% from 1993 to 2020 to reach 775 million tons. The expected increase in demand is partly motivated by population growth but also results from substitution out of rice and coarse grain cereals as incomes rise and populations become increasingly based in urban areas.


  • Major wheat growing countries include China, India, France, and Russia. By 2020, two-thirds of the world’s wheat consumption will occur in developing countries, where wheat imports are estimated to double by 2020.
  • India produces about 70 million tonnes of wheat per year or about 12 per cent of world production. It is now the second largest producer of wheat in the world.

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