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1.Internet helps finding trade & technology information. Although anyone can find information one wants, it is easier for one who has browsed the net extensively, especially if the person has  in-depth exposure to Industry,  Trade,  Technology, Global systems of trade...
2.The internet gives access to lot of free information. But a big chunk of  Information is priced and so one has to pay for getting  the password and  the user id; the priced databases & information providers are so many   that the users of
information may have to subscribe to too many sources.
3.The Information retrieval, although appears to be easy with the search  engines, not all the users can be expected to be efficient in finding  what is wanted quickly & when the information is really required.
4.The information is dynamic and keep changing continuously; So keep having  watch over so many sources of information is tedious and business  persons have to worry about their business rather than keep watching   the internet.
5.Generally people want free information ;and be cheaper like  what we get so much information at such low prices when we buy the   daily Newspapers ! So it is necessary to convince that Information is power, knowledge means lot of business, and so lot of Money .
We provide Trade & Technology Information Services  to such Entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their Ventures.

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