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  • There exist in this country some 290 wood processing industries.
  • The Kerala State Small Industries Association has welcomed the initiative of the Forest Minister in mitigating the miseries of the wood-based industries on account of the Supreme Court restrictions on setting up new wood-based industries in the State.
  • The use of timber in the construction and building industries will experience big changes as wood is going to be replaced by other materials.
  • The wood-based industry (WBI) has long been an important segment of Malaysia’s dynamic manufacturing sector, the main driver of economic growth for the country.
  • The Malaysian wood industry was innovative and creative enough to find and develop the means to convert wastes into profitable business by putting the rubberwood to good use for making a variety of products, including furniture, panelboards and flooring.
  • The world demand for wood products is growing and this trend is expected to continue in the years to come.
  • Wood-based industries in the region are concerned about the adverse impact of the depreciation of foreign currencies, especially dollar, against rupee on their export earnings.
  • The biomass study was to examine the use of woodwaste-based power and cogeneration in wood industries.
  • Recycling of wood wastes is not done by all wood industries, particularly small to medium scale wood industries.
  • The biomass technology proposed for wood processing industry (medium and large establishment) is biomass co-generation that allow the biomass waste utilization to generate both steam and electricity.
  • There are 2,663 wood industries recorded consisting of 318 large scale wood industries and 2,345 small scale wood industries with the total raw material required of 6 million m3/year (3.6 million m3 for the large scale industries and 2.4 million m3 for the small scale industries).
  • The development of renewable energy is one of priority targets in Indonesia so the utilization of biomass energy is encouraged by the Indonesian energy policy.

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