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  • Yeast are unicellular fungi. Most brewing yeast belong to the genus Saccharomyces.
  • Yeast is a tiny form of fungi scientists refer to as " microorganisms".
  • Yeast is a plant. It is not green like most plants. It does not have flowers or leaves or a stem because it is a very simple plant. 
  • It takes 20,000,000,000 (twenty billion) yeast cells to weigh one gram or 1/28 of an ounce. Baker’s yeast is the type of yeast used in home and commercial bread baking. Brewer’s Yeast is a dried, inactive yeast that has no fermenting power.


  • The growth temperatures were 26-28oC for the members of genus Saccharomyces and 28-30oC for genus Candida. In the first group of experiments the strains were grown through submerged cultivation on "Gallencamp" rotaryshaker at 220 rpm in Erlenmayer flasks.

  • The development of the culture was followed until the 42 h. Samples for analysis had been taken every 3 h. In the second group of experiments the strains had been grown through surfaced cultivation on solid medium for 160 h and samples for analysis had been taken every 8 h.


  • The French firm, a leader in the €400 million North American yeast market, made inroads into the US yeast market by acquiring the Red Star Yeast business - with sales of $140 million - from the colours company Universal Foods for $125 million. At the time, Red Star Yeast was the largest North American supplier of yeast to the commercial bakery market.
  • The total estimated production in India is about 22000 tonnes per year. While the consumption is about 27000 to 28000 tonnes in a year. To fill the demand gap of 5000 to 6000 tonnes between production and consumption, so few more industries are require.


  • Yeast is sold for its nutritional qualities as it is very high in at least 10 separate B-vitamin factors.
  • The European yeast business has a turnover of about 800 million euros and generates over 8,000 direct jobs and many other indirect jobs.

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