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  • Zinc chloride is the name of chemical compound with the formula ZnCl2 and its hydrates.
  • Zinc chlorides, of which nine crystalline forms are known, are colorless or white and highly soluble in water.
    ZnCl2 itself is hygroscopic and even deliquescent.
  • Samples of ZnCl2 should be protected from sources of moisture, including the water vapor present in ambient air.


  • Characterisation of the Ammonium Zinc Chloride Obtained from Zinc Chloride Residual Solution.
  • Estimation of zinc chloride contamination by histopathological analysis of the respiratory organs of the air breathing ‘murrel’.
  • Optical absorption spectra and related parameters of ammonium zinc chloride crystal in the antiferroelectric and commensurate phases.
  • Preservation of Timber with zinc chloride by the steeping process.


  • Zinc chloride finds wide application in textile processing, metallurgical fluxes, and chemical synthesis.
  • ZnCl2 is used as a fireproofing agent and in fabric "refresheners" such as Febreze.
  • Zinc chloride has the ability to attack metal oxides to give derivatives of the formula MZnOCl2. This is relevant to the utility of ZnCl2 as a flux for soldering.
  • Zinc chloride finds wide use, principally as a moderate-strength for Lewis acid.


  • Zinc chloride smoke bomb inhalation induced lung injury analysis of twenty cases.
  • Growth-promoting efficacy of pharmacological doses of tetrabasic zinc chloride in diets for nursery pigs.
  • Zinc chloride is one of the most effective of wood preservative.

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